Marketing mutuality case studies  

The Marketing mutuality case studies report from ICMIF highlights ways in which a variety of ICMIF members, all of which are outperforming in their national markets, have identified what it is about their mutual/cooperative difference that is valuable to their members and then gone on to market this in different ways. In some cases, we have reviewed past and current campaigns in a bid to provide other ICMIF members wide range of ideas to inspire their own marketing activities.  

Thanks to the cooperation of the ICMIF members in the report, the publication contains seven case studies from seven different countries featuring multiple marketing assets and is available in English, French, Spanish and Japanese. The report also refers to each member’s ICMIF Global 500 Ranking which is a piece of research compiled by ICMIF in 2019 and which presents a definitive analysis of the world’s 500 largest mutual and cooperative insurers ranked by premium income, using 2017 year-end data.  

Members featured in the Marketing mutuality case studies report are:  

  • The Co-operators (Canada) 
  • NFU Mutual (UK) 
  • Folksam (Sweden) 
  • NTUC Income (Singapore)  
  • Thrivent (USA)  
  • Kokumin Kyosai Co-op (Japan)  
  • PPS (South Africa) 

The report is a member-only publication. If you work at an ICMIF member organisation please complete the form on the right to request a copy.  

The case studies in this report are also available on the new ICMIF Knowledge Hub 

The Knowledge Hub brings together ICMIF’s strategic intelligence and best-practice content in one place, making it easily accessible and searchable for ICMIF members. It is organised by three thematic areas of strategic interest: mutual difference; innovation and emerging risks; and sustainability and social responsibility. It utilises a dynamic tagging system so users can easily navigate the wealth of exclusive content which has been curated for members, including video presentations, conference sessions, webinars, member case studies, thought-leadership articles, leadership interviews, blog articles and the latest news stories. 

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