Businesses and consumers face a stark reality when it comes to data security. Data breaches abound, and identity theft is rampant. The battle to secure data and uphold privacy has only just begun.

Since 2003, Cyberscout has been leading the charge against data breaches and identity fraud caused by hackers, thieves, and even simple human error. We provide unique and unrivalled solutions that deliver valuable preventive education, proactive protection services, and swift and appropriate incident remediation for more than 17.5 million households, 770,000 businesses and 660 clients. Cyberscout provides services through client partners that include 16 of the top 20 U.S. property & casualty insurance carriers, six of the top 10 Canadian insurers, the top general insurer in the UK, major credit unions, banks, and numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Our long-standing reputation, industry expertise and custom approach offers you and your customers a trusted ally for:

  • Identity Management
  • Breach Education, Preparation, Response and Remediation
  • Fraud, Credit and Reputation Monitoring
  • Cyber Security and Data Privacy Consulting

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