Preventative cyber protection for your member policyholders

The internet Domain Name System (DNS) enables fast web surfing and throughput of vast amounts of digital information. Consumers and businesses use the DNS “phonebook” every day for internet shopping, social interaction, and critical business operations. Unfortunately, the open nature of the DNS fosters and houses cyber threat actors looking to scam and manipulate the everyday internet user. Every second of the day 70 new and unique URLs are registered globally, over 70% of these are owned by known threat actor/groups, their sole intention is to cause Cyber related distress and scams. As a result, social engineering scams recently surpassed Ransomware as the top cyber threat around the globe.

During this webinar, experts from ICMIF Supporting Member Cyberscout explain the risks associated with open DNS web surfing; the architecture of the modern internet; and the measures that can be delivered to safeguard your policyholders while they are using the internet.


  • Matt Cullina, Head of Global Cyber Insurance Business, Cyberscout, a TransUnion Brand
  • James Wickson, Global VP Sales – Cyber Insurance, Cyberscout, a TransUnion Brand
  • Thomas Updegraff, Head of Global Client Success, Cyberscout, a TransUnion Brand

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