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ICMIF webinars are organised exclusively for the benefit of ICMIF members, looking at current strategic issues and the latest trends impacting the cooperative/mutual insurance sector. They bring thought leadership and showcase best practice from ICMIF member organisations and prominent industry experts.

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Wednesday 5 October

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Mutual parametric solutions

Date: 5 October 2022, 1pm BST (UK time) Parametric solutions complement traditional insurance and although they have been around since the early 2000s, it is only recently that they are gaining importance, and we are starting to see the real impact they can have. This webinar will present some solutions and challenges of mutual parametric […]

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Past webinars

Leading with purpose and the future of our industry

With just one month to go until the ICMIF Centenary Conference in Rome, we were delighted to bring together five members of the ICMIF Executive Committee at ICMIF’s office to discuss the future strategy of ICMIF and the leadership role that mutual/cooperative insurers, as purpose-led organisations, can play in solving some of the current global […]

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Protecting and building resilience in coastal communities in Asia Pacific

In the fifth AOA webinar in a series on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), two ICMIF organisations introduce initiatives that contribute to the achievement of the SDGs in relation to ocean, marine and coastal ecosystems. As well as Goal 14 (Life below water), the case studies also focus on Goal 2 (Zero hunger), Goal […]

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How digital is complementing a 117-year-old relationship-based rural insurer

FMG was formed by farmers for farmers in 1905 to provide a better deal for rural New Zealand. Over the past 117 years, FMG has grown into New Zealand’s largest rural insurer, providing advice and insurance to clients across rural and provincial New Zealand. FMG is a direct insurer that provides advice and insurance solutions […]

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The digital mutual

In this series of bi-monthly webinars, various ICMIF members from around the world will showcase their digital strategy and journey in the pursuit of digital transformation. In these case studies, learn how leading mutual/cooperative insurers are harnessing the power of technologies to digitise their business and integrate digitalisation and innovation into their overall strategy, whilst […]

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IFRS 17 – A European mutual perspective on the benefits and challenges

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) were established to create a common accounting language so that businesses and their financial statements can be consistent and reliable, and that meaningful comparisons by company, country or industry can be made. Issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), they specify how companies must maintain and disclose information in […]

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The ICMIF Foundation – The secret of our success so far…

The ICMIF Foundation was established by ICMIF in 2015 and launched its programme The ICMIF 5-5-5 Mutual Microinsurance Strategy in June 2016. Six years on, The ICMIF Foundation is currently insuring 3 million low-income households impacting 15 million lives at a project funding cost of less than USD 1 per policy. Supported by over 30 […]

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The ICMIF mutual and cooperative sustainability model – How our members are taking action towards a better future

Sustainability, ESG and the SDGs are a few of the many ‘green buzzwords’ that now appear in everyday conversation. At all levels within organisations, including as high as the board room, today’s businesses are either starting their sustainability journey or are well on their way. Sustainability is the undertaking of activities that demonstrate forward-looking social, […]

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ESG approaches in (re)insurance

Elon Musk recently tweeted “ESG ratings make no sense”… is he right? Boards of (re)insurance companies are increasingly aware of the importance of incorporating ESG considerations in business decisions. Whereas the Environmental component (E) of ESG is often better understood, the Social (S) and Governance (G) components are frequently internally-looking and under-represented in insurers’ approaches. […]

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An innovative climate index to assess and manage weather-induced risks

The European Extreme Events Climate Index (E3CI) is an innovative operational service for the assessment and management of weather-induced risks, developed by the International Big Data and Artificial Intelligence for Human Development Foundation (iFAB) in collaboration with Leithà, the Unipol Group’s competence centre for Computer Science and Data Science, and the Euro-Mediterranean Centre for Climate […]

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Reimagining the workplace to thrive in the future of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of the workplace and people’s working lives. As organisations are adapting to the new world of work driven by an acceleration in remote and flexible working, this webinar hears from three HR leaders from ICMIF members who share their experiences of preparing their organisations for the future of […]

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