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ICMIF webinars are organised exclusively for the benefit of ICMIF members, looking at current strategic issues and the latest trends impacting the cooperative/mutual insurance sector. They bring thought leadership and showcase best practice from ICMIF member organisations and prominent industry experts.

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23 March 2021, 3pm GMT

UPCOMING WEBINAR: HUK-Coburg’s journey to create an effective telematics solution

Date: 23 March 2021, 3pm GMT German mutual insurer HUK-Coburg first began experimenting with telematics in motor insurance in 2013. It launched its first telematics product in 2016, a black box solution that was only offered to young drivers in an attempt to lower their premiums. In 2019, it discontinued this offering, and launched a […]

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30 March 2021, 11am JST

UPCOMING WEBINAR: Innovation and flexible working in response to the current environment

Date: 30 March 2021, 11am JST / 1pm AEDT / 3pm NZDT* In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, innovation utilising recent technology and flexible working are needed more so than ever for cooperative and mutual insurers. In the context of the current environment, three organisations from Asia and Oceania share their experiences. Speakers: Andrew […]

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Past webinars

Beyond financial inclusion: How 1CISP is revolutionising the way Filipino cooperatives serve their members through digitalisation

Since 1974, 1CISP (1 Cooperative Insurance System of the Philippines) has been serving poor and low-income Filipinos through its member cooperatives in both rural and urban areas of the Philippines. Over the years, 1CISP has driven continuous innovation to address the ever-changing social and business needs of its members. In 2019, 1CISP introduced the country’s […]

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The coming wave of privacy and data protection laws: Tsunami or gentle ripples for cooperative and mutual insurers?

Fight it if you wish, but data protection and privacy regulations are here to say. More importantly they are now multiplying and spreading to jurisdictions across the globe. Once seen as the unique purview of the Europeans, data protection and privacy laws are now popping and establishing themselves in nations across Asia, Africa, the Middle […]

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Education as a tool for cooperative development and organisational resilience

The 5th Cooperative Principle highlights the important role of education in cooperative development, sustainability and resiliency. The cooperative identity in general is unique as its clearly defines and represents the common aspirations of people who work together to meet their goals and to become resilient, sustainable and future-ready. Education has a big role to play […]

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Strengthening MAIF’s commitment to mutual values as a mission-oriented company

In 2020, ICMIF member MAIF became the first large company to become what is known as a “company with a mission” (société à mission) in France. This involved the inclusion of its purpose and social and environmental commitments in the organisation’s statutes. This change both reaffirmed and deepened MAIF’s mutual identity and values, which are […]

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How cooperative values are represented and embedded within The Co-operators

The Co-operators is a leading Canadian-owned cooperative providing multi-line insurance and financial services. For over 70 years, it has been a business based on shared values and guided by its cooperative principles. The need for profitability is balanced with meeting the unmet needs of its members; having an impact to strengthen local communities; and building a sustainable and more prosperous society. Pursuing profit to benefit the people and communities it serves and […]

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Becoming a data-driven digital insurer to enhance value for customers

The digital mutual: Episode 9, Achmea (Netherlands) With a history of more than 200 years, ICMIF member Achmea grew from a small mutual insurer to the largest insurance company in the Dutch market. Achmea’s product range includes insurance, asset management and (financial) services in all distribution channels, including through its partner organisation Rabobank. Achmea’s aim […]

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Digital Income: Customer-centric innovations with digital ecosystems

The digital mutual: Episode 8, NTUC Income (Singapore) Since it was founded 50 years ago, NTUC Income (Income, Singapore) has grown into a thriving social enterprise, serving over two million customers with its offerings in life, health and general insurance. In addition to being one of the leading composite insurers in Singapore, the organisation has […]

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Mutual insurance – The most modern business model in insurance

In this webinar, insurance academic Dr Antti Talonen reflects on the key trends in insurance today and in the future with a special focus on the specific characteristics of customer ownership and mutual insurance. Taking inspiration from his vast international research on the sector, Antti shares his thoughts on the 10 most important ideas of […]

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Making membership more meaningful through mutuality

The mutual advantage: Episode 3, PPS (South Africa) As a financial services provider that is tailored to graduate professionals, PPS (South Africa) innovates continuously to solve the daily pain-points of its members and provide them with peace of mind. Their ethos of mutuality means that they exist solely for the benefit of their members by […]

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Leveraging InsurTech: The pursuit of growth and resilience through technological innovation

In this webinar, Dr Andrew Johnston, Global Head of Insurtech at Willis Re, speaks about the latest global state of InsurTech. His presentation focuses on investment trends, successful strategies for the adoption of technology and the continuous evolution of ‘InsurTech’ as we know it. Specifically, Andrew also speaks to the application of InsurTech and technology […]

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