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ICMIF webinars are organised exclusively for the benefit of ICMIF members, looking at current strategic issues and the latest trends impacting the cooperative/mutual insurance sector. They bring thought leadership and showcase best practice from ICMIF member organisations and prominent industry experts.

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Past webinars

Future of data analytics & AI in (re)insurance

Artificial Intelligence is already everywhere transforming data into insights and augmenting each of us to make better decisions. However, we are only at the start of the AI transformation journey. By 2030, AI is predicted to contribute USD 15 trillion to global GDP, three times more than the total premium collected by insurers today. Better […]

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Mutual Leaders Insights – Quarterly panel discussions with ICMIF member CEOs

This new quarterly ICMIF webinar series features high-level discussions with a panel of CEO and executive leaders from mutual/cooperative insurers around the world. Each of the quarterly webinars will feature a different panel, thereby showcasing insights from members around the world. These regular insights from the leading CEOs at ICMIF members will cover a range […]

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Q&A with new ICMIF Chair Rob Wesseling

In this exclusive ICMIF webinar, ICMIF’s new Chair, Rob Wesseling, President and CEO of Co-operators in Canada, joins ICMIF’s Chief Executive Shaun Tarbuck for a Q&A session about his next four years as the Chair of the Federation. In this conversation, Rob shares an overview of Co-operators’ current strategy; how purpose and sustainability are key […]

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Preventative cyber protection for your member policyholders

The internet Domain Name System (DNS) enables fast web surfing and throughput of vast amounts of digital information. Consumers and businesses use the DNS “phonebook” every day for internet shopping, social interaction, and critical business operations. Unfortunately, the open nature of the DNS fosters and houses cyber threat actors looking to scam and manipulate the […]

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Summary of the 1/1 renewal and global reinsurance market outlook

Following one of the most difficult, frustrating and complex reinsurance renewals in recent history, this webinar provides ICMIF members the opportunity to learn more about the factors that contributed to such a difficult renewal. Shaun Sinniah from ICMIF’s Supporting Member Guy Carpenter presents on the 1/1 2023 renewal dynamics seen from a broker’s perspective. Shaun […]

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Scaling up mutual microinsurance – The UNDP ICMIF Insurance Innovation Challenge Fund

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and The ICMIF Foundation launched the Insurance Innovation Challenge (IIC) during the ICMIF Centenary Conference in October 2022. The Call for Applications is open from 8 March to 28 April 2023. Through the IIC, the UNDP Insurance & Risk Finance Facility (IRFF) and The ICMIF Foundation will help mutual […]

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Simplyhealth’s purpose journey to becoming a B Corp

In July 2022, Simplyhealth became the UK’s first health insurer to achieve B Corp certification. In doing so, it joined nearly 1,000 pioneering UK companies that are leading a global movement to shift the purpose and image of business. As a purpose-led organisation striving to ‘improve access to healthcare for all in the UK’, Simplyhealth […]

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The mutual advantage

In this series of webinars, ICMIF members from around the world present how they leverage their mutual/cooperative difference in order to gain competitive advantage in their market. In each case study, an ICMIF member shares how they embed the mutual/cooperative value proposition within their business strategy to create a positive differentiator from their competitors. Hear […]

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Mutual parametric solutions

Parametric solutions complement traditional insurance and although they have been around since the early 2000s, it is only recently that they are gaining importance, and we are starting to see the real impact they can have. This webinar presents some solutions and challenges of mutual parametric insurance and consider its future – how can mutual […]

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Leading with purpose and the future of our industry

With just one month to go until the ICMIF Centenary Conference in Rome, we were delighted to bring together five members of the ICMIF Executive Committee at ICMIF’s office to discuss the future strategy of ICMIF and the leadership role that mutual/cooperative insurers, as purpose-led organisations, can play in solving some of the current global […]

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