ICMIF Centenary 2022

ICMIF was founded in Rome, Italy, in 1922 - so, it was fitting that the culmination of ICMIF's centenary year was the ICMIF Centenary Conference, which was held in the "Eternal City" in October 2022, and hosted by one of ICMIF's founding members, Unipol Group.

The ICMIF Centenary Conference attracted record numbers to Rome: over 410 delegates (including 63 ICMIF Young Leaders) from more than 140 member organisation across 41 countries.

Across the three days, more than 50 speakers shared insights on the trends that are shaping the future of the mutual/cooperative insurance industry across the topics of sustainability; business transformation; and "leading with purpose": the main theme of the conference.

ICMIF also made three big announcements in Rome in partnership with UN agencies. Firstly, the Insurance Innovation Challenge Fund with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), to promote innovative mutual microinsurance schemes in emerging markets.

Secondly, a Resiliency Benchmark with the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR) to help ICMIF members benchmark their disaster risk reduction.

Finally, the ICMIF-calibrated Insurance SDG Calculator, developed by Swiss Re Institute and sanctioned by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and Principles for Sustainable Insurance (UN PSI), providing the first tool to measure insurance sustainability impact against the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

ICMIF also announced the joint winners of the first ICMIF Young Scholar Award, a bursary award of EUR 10,000 for the most promising young scholar(s) in the field of mutual and cooperative insurance.

All of the video presentations and session recordings from the ICMIF Centenary Conference are now available to all ICMIF members via the ICMIF Knowledge Hub.

But 2022 and the ICMIF Centenary was not just about the Conference in Rome - ICMIF was able to share more exclusive Centenary content with our members throughout the year.

We launched a digital timeline that showcased the 100-year history of ICMIF as a Federation. Thank you to everyone that has shared content and messages of congratulations with us since we launched the timeline.

ICMIF also hosted a number of centenary webinars throughout the year, including a CEO panel on “leading with purpose” and the future of our industry. Details of how to access the recordings of these webinars to watch on-demand are below.

We also launched a series of fireside chats with leaders within the ICMIF membership. All of these can be watched on the Knowledge Hub, and I encourage you all to access this member-only content that has been created over the past 12 months.

Hope to see you all soon.

Shaun Tarbuck
Chief Executive

Six months into ICMIF’s centenary year, Shaun Tarbuck provides an update on what we have done so far this year to recognise 100 years since ICMIF was founded in Rome (Italy) in April 1922 – and what we have in store for members for the rest of 2022.

ICMIF has hosted five centenary webinars, one per month, based on topics that will also form part of the agenda at the ICMIF Centenary Conference in Rome in October 2022. These have been on prevention and resilience; communicating the mutual/cooperative difference; transitioning to net zero; the future of work; and embedding a sustainability framework.

Two more centenary webinars are planned for August and September on parametric solutions for mutual/cooperative insurers; and a CEO panel on “leading with purpose” in the future of our industry.

Details of how to register for upcoming webinars in this special series (and to access the recordings of previous webinars to watch on-demand) are below.

ICMIF has also launched a new series of fireside chats with leaders within the ICMIF membership. The first of these was with Hilde Vernaillen, ICMIF Chair and CEO of P&V (Belgium) hosted on the day of ICMIF’s 100-year anniversary on 25 April 2022.

There have been five more fireside chats with leading CEOs of ICMIF member organisation, which members can access via the ICMIF Knowledge Hub.

We are also very excited to have launched a digital timeline that showcases the history of ICMIF as a Federation - recognise 100 years of ICMIF members serving communities – “A global reach for local strength”.

Finally, as of Monday 18 July, there were just 100 days until the start of the ICMIF Centenary Conference in Rome (25-28 October 2022), hosted by the Unipol Group, one of our founding members.

The theme for Conference is “Leading with purpose” and the various plenary and breakout sessions will have a focus on the themes of business transformation, sustainability and purpose-driven strategies. We have also allocated more time for structured networking opportunities to give the delegates more opportunities to share and exchange best-practices and learnings with peer organisations.

We already have 260+ people registered and expect to have between 350-400 delegates by the time we get to October.

The full agenda is online and the first confirmed speakers have also just been announced on the dedicated Conference website (where you can find out further information about the Conference and register).

Wishing you all the best and look forward to seeing many of you soon in Rome.

Shaun Tarbuck
Chief Executive

We are very proud to announce that 2022 is the centenary of ICMIF which was founded in Rome (Italy) in April 1922. 

Throughout the year, we will be hosting a Centenary Conference; various online events and webinars; producing a digital archive of ICMIF’s history; and sharing video recordings featuring key people from the membership discussing what has changed in the last 25 years and looking ahead to the future.  We will showcase how ICMIF has successfully led the mutual and cooperative insurance sector in the past featuring our achievements and we will also look to the future and share our aims and goals.  

This year will also allow us to recognise 100 years of ICMIF members serving communities – “A global reach for local strength”. 

We will provide examples of, and be grateful for, the successes and lessons learned from the past; ways in which we can live the present with enthusiasm and passion; and use these experiences to embrace and enhance the future with hope. 

The ICMIF Centenary Conference in Rome (25-28 October 2022), hosted by the Unipol Group, one of our founding members, will be the high point of our centenary recognition year and we hope to see as many members as possible join us for this face-to-face event. Further details on our agenda and registration details will be communicated soon. 

The first of a series of nine monthly centenary webinars, which will discuss past and current challenges facing the sector and how our members have or are overcoming them, will focus on the role that ICMIF members take in both prevention and in making communities resilient to disasters and will take place on Tuesday 22 February.

Details of how to register for upcoming webinars in this special series (and to access the recordings of previous webinars to watch on-demand) are below.

We look forward to sharing our centenary recognition year with you.

Shaun Tarbuck
Chief Executive

Centenary webinar series

Past webinars

Leading with purpose and the future of our industry

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The ICMIF mutual and cooperative sustainability model – How our members are taking action towards a better future

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Reimagining the workplace to thrive in the future of work

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many aspects of the workplace and people’s working lives. As organisations are adapting to the new world of work driven by an acceleration in remote and flexible working, this webinar hears from three HR leaders from ICMIF members who share their experiences of preparing their organisations for the future of […]

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The road to net zero

Over the past year, a number of ICMIF members have announced net zero commitments to transition their investment portfolios and insurance operations to become carbon neutral businesses over the next 30 years. This includes joining the UN-convened Net Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZ AOA): a group of 71 of the world’s largest investors that have […]

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Communicating the mutual difference

In February 2022, ICMIF launched a new report Leveraging the mutual difference which shared the findings of a recent member survey of marketing and communication functions across the ICMIF membership to see how members used their mutual/cooperative status as a point of difference when marketing and communicating to customers, when recruiting, and when communicating with employees. […]

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The importance of prevention for the future of mutual and cooperative insurance

This webinar discusses the importance of prevention for our members in the mutual and cooperative insurance industry and also globally. This is the first in a series of special webinars to celebrate ICMIF’s centenary this year and more webinars will be hosted during 2022 on a wide range of topics. Later this year, we will […]

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