The ICMIF mutual and cooperative sustainability model – How our members are taking action towards a better future

Sustainability, ESG and the SDGs are a few of the many ‘green buzzwords’ that now appear in everyday conversation. At all levels within organisations, including as high as the board room, today’s businesses are either starting their sustainability journey or are well on their way.

Sustainability is the undertaking of activities that demonstrate forward-looking social, environmental and ethical responsibility and is essential to the long-term success of ICMIF member organisations. However, the sustainability journey is not particularly simple and can be a mammoth task.

The ICMIF directive on sustainability focuses explicitly on actions, not words. Sustainability and how this translates to our members’ business is vital, and therefore ICMIF has created a model that encompasses the current efforts towards this global goal. The ICMIF model focuses on three pillars; investment, reporting and prevention.

In this webinar, ICMIF CEO Shaun Tarbuck and Sustainability Advisor Liam Carter outline the model and share best-practice case studies from the current activities occurring across the globe within the ICMIF network.


  • Shaun Tarbuck, Chief Executive, ICMIF
  • Liam Carter, Sustainability Advisor, ICMIF


This webinar is one in a series of special webinars to celebrate ICMIF’s centenary in 2022. More webinars will be hosted this year on a wide range of topics that will be discussed further at our Centenary Conference in Rome (Italy) which takes place from 25-28 October 2022.

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