Leveraging the mutual difference

In August 2021, ICMIF issued a survey to members to better understand members’ activities across their marketing and communications functions.

This survey had a firm focus on establishing whether those companies which do market their cooperative/mutual status are also outperforming their national markets. Further questions explored whether ICMIF members use their unique business model to attract talent and whether they communicate their mutual values to employees.

The subsequent report includes four specific sections:

  • Executive summary
  • 2021 survey sample analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Points of difference
    Leveraging the mutual/cooperative status as a point of difference when marketing and communicating to customers including case studies from:
    Royal London (UK); Thrivent (USA); Trillium Mutual (Canada);
    Macif (France); 1CISP (the Philippines) and Cornish Mutual (UK).
    Mutual and cooperative points of difference when recruiting.
    Communicating mutual/cooperative values and points of difference with employees.

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