The 7th ICMIF/AMICE Insurance Stakeholders' Dialogue

Stability and innovation: are they mutually exclusive?

Wednesday, 6 December 2023
Paris, France

The event is free to attend for ICMIF and AMICE members.

At this year's ICMIF/AMICE Insurance Stakeholder Dialogue, delegates can expect to hear from a wide range of speakers including European and international insurance supervisors; European policymakers; consumer organisations and insurance industry leaders.

The event will take place at the offices of AEMA Groupe (Macif), 17/21 Place Etienne Pernet, 75015 Paris (France).

More infomation on this event and details of how to register will be shared with members soon.


More information

For more information please contact Catherine Hock, Vice-President, International Relations, ICMIF.

The 6th ICMIF/AMICE Insurance Stakeholders' Dialogue

The theme for the event was "Policyholders’ best interests: the mutual proposition for sustainable protection"

The programme focussed on the policyholder and the discussions addressed:

  • What is mutuality?
  • What hides behind the ESG acronym?
  • What does the policyholder want & do mutuals/cooperatives deliver?
  • Financial consumer protection
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