The 6th ICMIF/AMICE Insurance
Stakeholders' Dialogue

Policyholders’ best interests: the mutual proposition for
sustainable protection

Wednesday, 7 December 2022, from 9.00 to 16.30 at AEMA (Macif), 17/21 Place Etienne Pernet, 75015 Paris (France).

The event is free to attend for ICMIF and AMICE members.

At this year's ICMIF/AMICE Insurance Stakeholder Dialogue, delegates can expect to hear from a wide range of speakers including European and international insurance supervisors; European policymakers; consumer organisations and insurance industry leaders.

This year, the programme focusses on the policyholder.

Panel discussions will address:

  • What is mutuality?
  • What hides behind the ESG acronym?
  • What does the policyholder want & do mutuals/cooperatives deliver?
  • Financial consumer protection

More information

For more information please contact Catherine Hock, Vice-President, International Relations, ICMIF.

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