ICMIF is unlike other industry associations or networking platforms you might know, because it is the only place where values-led insurers from across the globe come together to strengthen their organisations within a non-competitive environment. It exists to support you and your team, to boost your organisational capabilities, and to be the voice of the sector wherever it is most needed.

Being a member of ICMIF gives you and your organisation access to knowledge and information that are relevant to you and as unique as your fingerprint. Whatever your business challenge, we understand that finding solutions as quickly and easily as possible is important, so we work with you to ensure you receive a tailored service from ICMIF, to accelerate your organisation’s progress and growth while keeping costs to a minimum. And as most of our services are offered online, you can benefit from a wealth of exclusive information and business knowledge while at your desk or on your smart device when on the move.

Our challenges are universal, but your solutions are unique...


Value for your entire organisation -
at your fingertips

Only as an ICMIF member can you and your entire organisation access our Knowledge Hub, which is the world’s only online resource centre for the cooperative/mutual insurance sector. It contains everything from strategic research to member-only webinars, from member case studies to video presentations, interviews and blogs. Whether you are looking for inspiration on best-practice from other ICMIF members or guidance on emerging issues and trends, whether day or night, whatever your language, the Knowledge Hub is the ideal source.

Strategic content won’t always be enough, though, so ICMIF’s team of experts is on hand to make tailored introductions to your fellow ICMIF members, based on your specific challenges and interests. Within our network, you will find non-competing, like-minded organisations who will offer their insights and share their experiences.

ICMIF also offers a range of professional development opportunities: maybe you wish to develop your own personal leadership skills through networking; perhaps you have identified young talent within your organisation whom you want to nurture and motivate using our digital learning tools; or you may have more experienced employees who would benefit from our intensive, executive training. Whatever the requirement, ICMIF can offer unique ways to attract, retain and develop your people.

Business-to-business value

ICMIF consults regularly with its members to ensure their evolving needs are being met by its services, an approach it has followed since it was established nearly a century ago. The founding members set up the Federation because they recognised the benefits of doing reinsurance business with other cooperative/mutual insurers which shared their inherent values of trust, transparency and long-termism. Even today, ICMIF provides the platform for members to establish reinsurance relationships, as well as obtain reinsurance information and knowledge.

ICMIF has also been the springboard for a range of joint ventures, commercial partnerships and capital raising between members.


Voice of the sector

The relevance of purpose-led, people-focused organisations like yours cannot be underplayed, but all too often, we know that our sector can be overlooked, misunderstood or even dismissed by important external stakeholders. ICMIF is your global voice. It is our role as a federation to demonstrate how our sector is different from the rest of the market in that it is comprised of well-run, profitable businesses whose purpose is to both protect and add value to people and the planet.

We know that this voice and this engagement help our sector to be recognised for its leadership, to be treated equitably, and to uphold our reputation as responsible and sustainable businesses. All of these effects can enhance the ability of cooperative/mutual insurers to compete, regardless of their size or the market in which they operate.

ICMIF is active at a number of key, global policy-making forums which helps us to highlight the sector’s leadership in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and associated areas such as inclusive insurance, responsible investing, and risk education and prevention.

We have formed strategic partnerships with the United Nations, Accounting For Sustainability, and are part of the Insurance Development Forum, working groups of the B20, the Taskforce for Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) and the Climate Bonds Initiative. Many ICMIF members are playing a leading role in or actively supporting these partnerships and activities as part of their contribution to building a more sustainable and equitable world.

ICMIF also represents the interests of the sector by providing information, education and awareness to regulators, global business consultancies, media and academia.

More information

For more information about ICMIF, please contact: Liz Green, Executive Vice-President, ICMIF.

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