28th ICMIF Americas Conference

November 8 -10, 2023 | Hotel Mercure Lourdes | Belo Horizonte, Brazil
hosted by Seguros Unimed


Bridging the protection gaps

In a world subject to multiple occurrences of risks, such as climate, geological, economic, health, and other hazards, insurance is proving increasingly essential. But, how do we measure the gaps? There are insurance solutions of course, but are they widespread enough?

The theme of this year’s ICMIF Americas Conference Bridging the protection gaps, provides a focus on how ICMIF members engage in prevention & mitigation, sustainability, product innovation and cost efficiency as a way to leave no one behind.

The agenda will feature high-level presentations and panel discussion and will include the following topics:

  • cyber security and insurance 
  • health and wellbeing
  • sustainability and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • managing workforces in a post-Covid world

This conference will also help to bridge the knowledge gaps within the ICMIF membership thanks to an interactive session in which you can share and discuss your greatest challenges with some of the most experienced experts in the industry, who will be representing a variety of ICMIF members from across the Americas.

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27th ICMIF Americas Annual Conference (2019)

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Collaborating and Innovating for the Digital Age

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