ICMIF Young Leaders

ICMIF Young Leaders is a network of emerging and high potential professionals (generally aged up to 35 years old) at ICMIF member companies who have been identified by their seniors as strong candidates to become future leaders within their organisations.

The main purpose of the ICMIF Young Leaders is to:

  • provide a learning and development opportunity by exposing its members to wider issues impacting the insurance industry, strategic discussions and mutuality on a global scale;
  • allow members to network, learn from and collaborate with peers from other organizations around the world by sharing best practice;
  • provide a chance to engage in strategic discussions with senior executives from other mutual and cooperative insurers at tailored ICMIF events (virtual and in-person).

ICMIF regularly engages with its network of ICMIF Young Leaders through a range of virtual networking events and webinars (such as virtual CEO roundtables), as well as the highly-rated ICMIF Young Leaders Programme (see below).

To be added to the ICMIF Young Leaders network, or to suggest/nominate a colleague to be included in the regular updates, please contact Ben Telfer.

ICMIF Young Leaders Programme

This unique programme for ICMIF Young Leaders is held every two years alongside the ICMIF Biennial Conference. It provides attendees with the opportunity to attend the full ICMIF Conference at a discounted fee, as well as participate in exclusive peer-to-peer learning sessions and networking events designed specifically to meet their interests.

The first ICMIF Young Leaders Programme was held in 2007 in London (UK), and has been held at subsequent ICMIF Conferences in 2019 in Auckland (New Zealand) and 2022 (Rome, Italy). In total, more than 160 future leaders from 50 member companies in 20 countries have been part of this unique programme. The previous events received excellent feedback both from the young leader attendees and from their senior managers who had sent them to attend.

The Young Leaders Programme provides a chance to learn from and collaborate with peers at other ICMIF member companies and also enjoy the chance to network with CEOs, senior executives, industry leaders and key external influencers from around the world. It is an excellent opportunity for ICMIF members to both develop and reward their younger and high potential employees.

ICMIF Young Leaders Forum

The activities of ICMIF Young Leaders are guided by the ICMIF Young Leaders Forum (YLF). The YLF acts as a steering committee which engages in research projects and produces thematic reports as part of ICMIF’s Business Intelligence activities; and act as an advisory resource for the Intelligence Committee to help guide their discussion and outputs with a focus on the future generation.

The original eight members of the YLF first met in Copenhagen, Denmark, in November 2016 and the Forum was officially launched in April 2017.

The YLF currently has 12 member representatives from ICMIF member companies:

  • Ismael Blasco, Customer Service Co-ordinator, Grupo Asegurador La Segunda (Argentina)
  • Eileen Devlin, AVP Finance, Co-operators (Canada)
  • Thomas Boisvert St-Arnaud, Board Director, Promutuel Portneuf-Champlain (Canada)
  • Kirstine Schans Christensen, Business Developer, Strategy and Innovation, LB Group (Denmark)
  • Henry Blum, Underwriter Non-Life Reinsurance Canada & USA, DEVK (Germany)
  • Valentino Ricciardi, Head of Strategic Plan Development, Unipol (Italy)
  • Marieke Mensink, Business Consultant, Distribution Expertise Center, Achmea (Netherlands)
  • Dan Hamilton, Senior Pricing Analyst, FMG (New Zealand)
  • Aiza Malonzo, Vice President for Admin and Finance, 1CISP (Philippines)
  • Tebogo Ramaahlo, Risk Management Specialist, PPS (South Africa)
  • Simon Bärtschi, Business Economist, Swiss Mobiliar (Switzerland)
  • Sara Western, Experience Design Consultant, NFU Mutual (UK)
  • Tyler Carey, Senior Underwriter, Shelter Insurance (USA)

The approved Terms of Reference of the Young Leaders Forum allows up to 16 members, who can serve for a maximum of a two-year term. Members are nominated by a member company (one representative per company) and approved by the Intelligence Committee.

For more information on the Young Leaders Forum, please contact Ben Telfer.


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