ICMIF Young Leaders - Roundtables with CEOs

ICMIF is pleased to announce details of a forthcoming virtual event for Young Leaders on Wednesday 26 May 2021.

During the event, three one-hour sessions will be held providing the opportunity for the Young Leader attendees to speak and network with a number of invited CEOs from ICMIF member organisations in a small group setting.

These ICMIF Young Leaders - Roundtables with CEOs sessions look to replicate the breakfast sessions that were voted the most valuable session of the two previous ICMIF Young Leaders Programmes held during the ICMIF Biennial Conferences in 2017 and 2019. These roundtables provide a unique opportunity to spend an hour with a leading CEO of a fellow mutual/cooperative insurance company: offering the chance to ask these respected leaders anything about their organisation, current issues or challenges they face, their approach to leadership or even to ask for advice for career development.

These roundtables are aimed at young professionals - generally aged between 20 and 35 years old - at ICMIF member companies who have been identified as emerging leaders within their organisations.

Young Leaders are able to register directly to attend the event, and we encourage any senior leader to nominate up to five Young Leaders within their organisation to participate in any of the sessions on the 26 May.

The three session timings are below:

Session 1 Aimed at those in Asia and Oceania 12pm-1pm PHST / 1pm-2pm JST / 2pm-3pm AEST / 4pm-5pm NZST
Session 2 Aimed at those in Asia and Oceania, Europe and Africa 8am-9am BST / 3pm-4pm PHST / 4pm-5pm JST / 7pm-8pm NZST / 9am-10am CEST
Session 3 Aimed at those in Europe, Africa and North America and Latin America 3pm-4pm BST / 4pm-5pm CEST / 10am-11am ET / 9am-10am CT

*Note that attendees can only attend one session.

In the registration process, Young Leader attendees will be asked which session they wish to attend, and also to provide three topics of interest, to help us match them with the most relevant CEO that will be participating. The name of the CEO who will be part of each Young Leader’s roundtable will be shared with them in advance. There is no agenda for this event and the Young Leaders will be expected to drive the discussion and come to the session prepared with questions to ask the CEO taking part.

The meeting will be hosted on a virtual platform (Zoom) through breakout rooms. Attendees will also be sent these links in advance of the session.

As these are small group discussions, we asked that anyone registering for this event makes sure they are able to attend on the date/time selected as places are limited. The sessions will not be recorded.

As we expect these sessions to extremely popular, we encourage Young Leaders to register as soon as possible. We will be limiting the number of attendees per session, and for this reason, we will be limiting attendance to a maximum of five attendees per organisation.

More information

For more details about these Young Leaders CEO Roundtables, please contact Ben Telfer Vice-President, Business Intelligence, ICMIF.

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