Talent development opportunities with social impact at ICMIF

ICMIF’s Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) offers technical assignments to enable employees from ICMIF member organisations to help other ICMIF member organisations in emerging markets with specific tasks and challenges. The assignments are unique opportunities which are only available to ICMIF members that wish to provide their staff with challenging but meaningful assignments that will help their personal development and reinforce their understanding and awareness of mutual principles and practices.

How does the TAF work?

The ICMIF Development Committee oversees a process where organisations in emerging markets are identified and assessed for their suitability to receive technical expertise in a virtual way. Job profiles for the various technical assignments available are created and shared with ICMIF members that have expressed an interest in providing technical support. These profiles share details of the organisation which needs assistance and what type of assistance is required. This will help members apply for the most suitable assignments for their employees to help them in their personal development. Monitoring and management of the process to match applicants with the organisations needing help will be undertaken by the team at ICMIF’s head office.

What are the benefits of being involved in the TAF?

  • Develop relationships with innovative organisations in emerging markets who are part of ICMIF’s global network
  • Reinforce mutual values for your staff
  • Attract and retain millennial talent to your organisation
  • Unique and challenging opportunity for employee development
  • Create cultural awareness and build interpersonal skills
  • Impact the UN Sustainable Development Goals by protecting the livelihoods of the poor
  • Support the future of the mutual sector

Please note that given the Covid-19 pandemic, all technical assistance assignments are currently virtual.


Talent development flyer

How do I register my organisation’s interest in providing technical experts?

Please register your interest with Tina Blain, Resource Mobiliser at ICMIF Foundation.
A follow up discussion will take place to understand your organisation’s areas of interest and to establish a process for working together.

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