Recognition for ICMIF member CyberScout in recent cybersecurity excellence awards

15 March 2019


ICMIF Supporting Member CyberScout had two winners in the recent 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, sponsored by Cybersecurity Insiders. The Cybersecurity Excellence Awards are awarded annually, honouring individuals and companies demonstrating excellence, innovation and leadership in information security. The awards won by CyberScout were:

Gold Winner: Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year (between 100 to 499 employees)

CyberScout fielded 23,432 breach-related calls in 2018, and 49,884 in total providing 24/7 global assistance to identity theft victims.

Identity theft is a growing concern for consumers. Identity thieves successfully targeted 16.7 million Americans in 2018—an all-time high—and statistics show the resulting losses exceeded USD 16 billion. Complicating matters are the continuing effects of the Equifax breach, which impacted more than 145 million people in the USA alone. In today’s high-risk environment, CyberScout says its front-line customer service team stands out as for having a deep pool of expertise to support a broad and growing client base world-wide.

Bronze Winner: Best Cybersecurity Company (between 100 to 499 employees)

CyberScout says it offers clients the very best support and a white-glove experience, with a customer service team that is constantly improving its offerings. Ninety-nine percent of CyberScout customers report that they are satisfied–or very satisfied–with the service provided by CyberScout.

“Congratulations to CyberScout for being recognised as the Gold Winner in the Cybersecurity Service Provider of the Year category and the Bronze Winner in the Best Cybersecurity Company category of the 2019 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards,” said Holger Schulze, CEO of Cybersecurity Insiders and founder of the 400,000-member Information Security Community on LinkedIn that co-produces the awards program. “With over 500 entries in more than 90 award categories, the 2019 awards are highly competitive and all winners truly reflect the very best in today’s cybersecurity industry.” 

CyberScout was also recognised for excellence in cybersecurity and services in four categories in the 15th Annual Info Security Product Guide’s (ISPG) 2019 Global Excellence Awards.

The Security Products Guide, an industry leading information security research and advisory guide, named four CyberScout winners in the 15th Annual 2019 Info Security PG’s Global Excellence Awards in February. CyberScout won the awards for Customer Service Team of the Year, Cyber Security Vendor Achievement of the Year, CEO of the Year and Customer Service Department of the Year. These prestigious global awards recognise cybersecurity and information technology vendors with advanced, ground-breaking products, solutions, and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies.

CyberScout says it is proud to be the winner of Info Security Products Guide’s (ISPG) 2019 Global Excellence Awards in the following four categories:

Customer Service Team of the Year – 100-499 Employees

Gold Winner

CyberScout’s front-line customer service team taps into a deep pool of expertise to support our broad client base. The group is comprised of 25 senior-level individuals and this elite team of professionals averages nine years of experience. Together they fielded 23,432 breach-related calls and 49,884 total calls in the past year, providing 24/7 assistance to identity theft victims.

The nature of identity theft makes it a global concern, with threat trends crossing regional barriers. CyberScout’s customer service team takes calls from many countries and they’re in constant communication with international partners. This allows CyberScout’s U.S.-based professionals to better understand where new threats may be emerging so they can service customers most effectively.

The team works with everyone from average families to high net worth individuals to business clients of all sizes. The cause behind each incident of identity theft is also different, from a breach at a healthcare provider’s office to data loss at the local school district. Each case has the potential to bring unique challenges that the CyberScout team takes care of every day, with 99 percent of CyberScout customers reporting they are satisfied or very satisfied with their service.

Customer Service Department of the Year – 100-499 Employees

Bronze Winner

Victor Searcy, Vice President of Global Operations at CyberScout, was recognised for his work heading up CyberScout’s customer service management team. His extensive experience is a valuable asset in guiding the customer service leadership as they constantly review new identity fraud hacks and attacks, and evaluate other threats that could put customers at risk.

CEO of the Year – 100-499 employees

Bronze Winner

Matt Cullina was awarded CEO of the Year. He served as CEO of CyberScout from 2008 to January 2019 and is currently EVP, Managing Director of Global Markets.

Under Cullina’s leadership, CyberScout evolved from a service provider enjoying strong partnerships among personal lines carriers in the United States to a multifaceted, award- winning provider of identity and data risk management, breach response, resolution and education services around the globe. Cullina has spoken at a number of key ICMIF events and conferences. He will speak at the forthcoming ICMIF Communications Leaders Forum.

Cybersecurity Vendor Achievement of the Year – 100-499 Employees

Bronze Winner

When identity theft strikes, the impact on its victims can be devastating. A survey conducted for CyberScout by the Identity Theft Resource Center, shows that nearly half of consumers don’t know where to turn after a data breach that makes them vulnerable to cybercrime. Nor do they know whom to trust. However, millions of people have access to CyberScout’s resolution services team as a service through their insurer, bank or employer.

“We are proud of the award-winning CyberScout teams and services recognized this year by these ISPG awards,” says CyberScout’s acting CEO Bill Tait. “These awards represent an amazing achievement for the CyberScout organization and a testament to the work our team does every day.”

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