Sontiq® wins Gold Stevie® award in the 2021 international business awards

1 September 2021

Sontiq Stevie Banner - Aug 2021

Sontiq, the provider of Intelligent Identity Security, has announced it was named the winner of a Gold Stevie Award in the International Expansion category of the 18th Annual International Business Awards (IBAs). The International Business Awards are the world’s premier business awards programme and this prestigious honour recognises the strength of Sontiq’s international expansion through its global cyber insurance solutions. Earlier this year, it was announced that ICMIF’s Supporting Member Cyberscout had been acquired by Sontiq.

Through its increased global footprint in cyber protection, Sontiq now protects identities in more than 170 countries. Those identities include 770,000 business customers, 22 million households and 49 million individuals. Sontiq’s penetration into B2B2C and B2B sales channels (ie insurance and reinsurance) has grown exponentially while introducing critical cyber protection products to an expanded global audience.

One example of this was the partnership between Sontiq and Dutch ICMIF member Univé as announced earlier this year. Sontiq’s Cyberscout® insurance services are now providing comprehensive and differential support to Univé, a large cooperative insurer in the Netherlands.

Sontiq and Univé partnered to provide 1.1 million Univé members with immediate access to cyber insurance and cybercrime services through Sontiq’s Cyberscout. Designed to help its members protect against, limit, and recover from the damage caused by cybercrime, the partnership provides both insurance protection against a multitude of cyber incidents and 24/7 live helpdesk assistance as standard in all non-life insurance policies.

Speaking about the partnership earlier this year, Marco Nanne, Directeur Univé Schade said: “Our members face increasing cyber risks in the always-on, always-connected world and they need a strong advantage against the growing sophistication of cybercriminals. Univé Cyberhulp is an essential product today that will offer our members help and protection at their moment of greatest need. In addition, enabling a proactive approach is imperative, so we’re introducing the 24/7 support and education available through the experts at Cyberscout for the most robust protection possible.”

Matt Cullina, Head of Global Insurance at Sontiq, added: “The demand for comprehensive cyber coverage, proactive services, and education is growing among private individuals and small businesses alike. As online fraud, scams, and cybercrime become more pervasive, Sontiq, through Cyberscout, helped Univé get to market quickly and confidently.”

Speaking about the recent Stevie award success, Sontiq President & CEO Brian J. Longe said: “This is the first international award win for Sontiq and a testament to the combined offerings we now have available through our Cyberscout product brand. Our team is proud to be recognised for helping insurance partners around the world be first-to-market with cyber insurance protections that are needed in every corner of the globe. Cyber threats know no geographic boundaries.”

“The demand for comprehensive cyber coverage, proactive services, and education is growing among private individuals and small businesses alike,” said Matt Cullina, Head of Global Insurance at Sontiq.”The Stevie award win is confirmation of a best practice for insurers that want to meet modern demands: partnering with cyber insurance experts can help them get to market quickly and confidently.”

Stevie Award winners were determined by the average scores of more than 260 executives worldwide who participated in the judging process from June to early August 2021. There were nearly 4,000 submissions received from 63 nations and territories. The judges’ comments provide strong context for Sontiq’s Gold award win. Just a few are included below:

  • “In an extremely competitive environment, Sontiq has managed to grow exponentially internationally.”
  • “I appreciate the growing need for digital protection and have been impressed by Sontiq’s partnership with an insurance company to provide that protection.”
  • “As we are having to get used to life in a digital world (almost without an alternative), data and privacy protection is the ultimate shield we all need to protect our space and properties. It is amazing to learn about the inclusive and thoughtful products Sontiq has to offer to all stakeholders in modern society. And, congrats to the pioneering spirit and initiative of the management team. It resolves one of the big challenges for the modern world. Great work and achievement, indeed.”


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