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EMC Insurance (USA)

Last update: 30 April 2021

Key facts

EMC Insurance Companies, the trade for the Employers Mutual Casualty Company, was founded in 1911 and is among the largest property and casualty providers in the US state of Iowa and one of the top 60 providers in the country based on net written premiums.  


It employs more than 2,400 employees across 19 locations and actively writes in more than 40 states. For more information visit their website. 

Loss Control management and online services

EMC Insurance maintains a loss control website and a network of professionals to share information with policyholders and provide services to help prevent losses from occurring. The company offers engineering, environmental health, injury management and online services to EMC policyholders to help them improve safety in the workplace. Services include on-site industrial hygiene and indoor air quality surveys, chemical storage assessments, noise monitoring, hazard control assessments and ergonomic evaluations. 

For example, through its online Loss Control Newsletter, EMC provides awareness and advice for preventing ice damage in town water storage tanks. For the Covid-19 pandemic, EMC’s Loss Control website provide a suite of guides and tools for safe reopening of businesses, schools and public sector agencies.

Aerial intelligence

EMC is using drones to capture high-resolution imagery of roofs to identify ponding, displaced ballast, debris or other problems. As a result, the company can provide its policyholders with actionable loss control solutions to help them plan repairs and preventive maintenance to improve roof resiliency and longevity. Last year, EMC completed flights over more than 300 policyholder locations. The company partners and invests in a company that provides property risk insights through applying deep learning technology to aircraft imagery sets. These analytics will be used for improved risk selection and prioritisation of property activities, such as property surveys and drone flights. 

Building sensors

EMC monitors the activity of more than 50 sensor packages installed in 17 school districts in four states. These systems provide alerts to schools for problems with their refrigeration equipment and instances of building water intrusion or leakage. By identifying pre-loss conditions and alerting schools of needed actions, multiple spoilage and water damage claims were prevented. 


Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice, Modelling & Data
Hazards: Climate Change, Hail, Multi hazard

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