AAM launches a digital campaign to educate young people on the benefits of mutuality and mutual insurance

23 September 2021

AAM mutuals young people campaign

At the beginning of September, French ICMIF member AAM (l’Association des Assureurs Mutualistes or, in English, the Association of Mutual Insurers) launched what will be a two-month digital communication campaign, “Another world already exists: Mutual insurers,” dedicated specifically to young people (18 – 35 years old) to talk to them about mutuality and mutual insurers.

The campaign comes after members of the AAM adopted the Manifesto “Our mutualist commitments” in 2020 and it aims to raise awareness of mutuality and the relevance and modernity of this model with young French people.

This campaign will be showcased on various platforms: a website dedicated to the Manifesto and the campaign; a Facebook page; and an Instagram account.

According to a study, 80% of young French people say they have suffered significant harm as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. But, according to the AAM campaign, young French people never stopped believing in a better future: mobilisation for the good of the planet; fighting for gender equality; and a strong commitment to a fairer economy. AAM believes the time is right for this campaign and that the mutual model is a wave of hope for young people in France.

A competition entitled “Good impact project” has also been initiated, in partnership with an influencer @Mybetterself, aimed at highlighting projects that embody the values of mutuality. The competition invited young people to submit ideas for projects that would promote a fairer, more united, more responsible, more caring world. The prize is EUR 10,000 worth of financing for the winning project.

“Our mutualist model is not well known to the French, especially younger people, although it meets their expectations in terms of democratic and participatory governance as well as social utility. We have set ourselves the goal of making it better known,” said Thierry Martel, President of the Association des Assureurs Mutualistes (AAM).

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