Altima and MAIF bring a “Unique Insurance” offer to market

4 December 2020


French ICMIF member MAIF says it recognises that customer behaviour is constantly changing and therefore the mutual insurer is also adapting and pursuing a strategy of diversifying its offer. Altima, MAIF Group’s innovation laboratory, has been busy this year developing the Unique Insurance” (l’Assurance Unique”) productwhich it says will be a disruptive and unprecedented offer on the market, bringing simplicity, confidence and peace of mind for member policyholders. 

Simplicity and readability through an “all in one” insurance 

Altima’s Unique Insurance offer will enrich the MAIF Group’s product portfolio by complementing more traditional offers. It aims to meet the need expressed by some consumers for optimal coverage, which combines simplicity, confidence and peace of mind. With a single insurance policy, all household members are protected regardless of possible bodily injury, and all property (objects, homes, vehicles) are guaranteed everywhere and for all types of risks. For the insured, this is the promise of simplified management, full coverage and an optimised price. Altima says Unique Insurance is a very protective offer. In principle, it insures all people and goods in “all places” and for “all risks”. 

Florent Villain, CEO of Altima and Group Marketing Director for MAIF says: “By experimenting with a Unique Insurance offer, Altima offers everyone a simple way to benefit from tailor-made coverage. New on the market, this offer also reflects our mission: to imagine and test new products to reinvent insurance at the service of the insured.” 

A unique, tailor-made and scalable offer 

Co-constructed with policyholders, the Unique Insurance adapts to their needs: the policyholders composes their own insurance, indicating all the risks they want to cover. They also personalise the compensation terms and choose the desired service levels, under tariff conditions which are adjusted and optimised to their needs. MAIF says this insurance policy is one of a kind: 

  • it is a single insurance to protect family, leisure, housing, and vehicles; 
  • it allows members to compose a “tailor-made” insurance offer, according to the specificities of their family, property held and their way of life; 
  • these are very comprehensive guarantees, and an unprecedented “everything / all except …” positioning; 
  • it allows savings to be made by avoiding duplicate guarantees; 
  • it is the only “all in one” offer on the market. 

Pascal Demurger (pictured), CEO of the MAIF Group says: “We strongly believe in experimentation in a world where consumer expectations are strong and complex. The Unique Insurance offer is part of MAIF Group’s strategy: to respond in an agile way to the new needs of the French people.” 

A subsidiary of the MAIF group, Altima is a strategic laboratory. Its positioning is resolutely focused on innovation, which enables the rapid design and marketing of new offers that meet the personalised needs of policyholders and partners. Thanks to the support of the MAIF Group, Altima can experiment with disruptive offers for individuals while developing an ambitious partnership strategy. 

Photo: MAIF/Brigitte Baudesson

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