An early Christmas present of DKK 134 million for LB Forsikring’s members in loyalty discount

21 December 2021


This month there was an extra reward in the inbox for members of Danish ICMIF member LB Forsikring. The company has announced that it has paid out DKK 134 million (just over EUR 18 million) in a loyalty discount for members this month. Next year, the loyalty discount will be more than DKK 100 million larger and will hit a total of DKK 250 million (over EUR 33 million) for members.

On 17 December 2021, the insurance company paid its loyalty discount to members who have had their contents insurance with one of three companies which are part of LB Forsikring – Lærerstandens Brandforsikring, Runa Forsikring or Bauta Forsikring – for more than three years.

“The loyalty discount is a good example of the benefits of being a member of LB Forsikring. We secure each other when things go wrong, but we also stand together when things go well. Therefore, every year it is a joy when we can pay the loyalty discount. Because we want to reward the members for backing the community,” says Anne Mette Toftegaard (pictured), CEO, LB Forsikring and a member of ICMIF’s Board of Directors.

The size of the loyalty discount is determined each year in December for the coming year by the board of LB Forsikring. Since 2015, DKK 835 million (over EUR 112 million) has been paid out to the members, and the great pay-out will continue in 2022. Next year, the plan is to pay out DKK 250 million to the members. LB Forsikring says the additional DKK 100 million extra must, among other things, be seen as a celebration of the expansion of member democracy in the mutual in 2022.

“Next year is a special year for us as a member-owned insurance company. Because we are expanding member democracy and making room for more delegates, so that members from all our insurance brands are represented among the delegates. Over the last four years, more than DKK 100 million has been paid out each year to the members of Loyalty Discount, but the board has decided to increase it in 2022 and has set the Loyalty Discount at a quarter of a billion kroner to mark that we now strengthen member democracy even more,” says Anne Mette Toftegaard.

At the same time, the Board of Directors of LB Forsikring has decided that in 2022 members will have access to the Loyalty Discount after just two years with uninterrupted contents insurance with LB Forsikring, instead of as this year, where people had to have had a contents insurance for three years. It is the contents insurance that gives access to the discount, but in addition members get a discount on virtually all the types of insurance cover they can take out with LB Forsikring. As LB Forsikring or PFA has only existed since 2020, the first of these members will also have access to the discount next year.


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