Anadolu Sigorta adds earthquake cover to health policies

26 November 2020


ICMIF member Anadolu Sigortaone of Turkey’s largest insurershas introduced an innovative product that adds earthquake coverage to health insurance at a small premium. Anadolu Sigorta says the product is the first in the Turkish insurance sector. 

Under this new insurance plan, a policyholder who suffers an injury due to an earthquake will have related medical expenses covered. 

Even though the issue of earthquakes does not arise every day, says the insurer, it is still an area of serious concern for Turkish people. Supporting its insured in the event of an injury as a result of a possible earthquake, Anadolu Sigorta offers treatment opportunities within the scope of health insurance in private health institutions in difficult conditions after an earthquake. Unlimited earthquake coverage can be added to the Individual Health and Complementary Health Insurance policies offered by the insurer with a very small premium. 

Intensive care expenses up to 90 days will be covered 

Stating that all examination and treatment expenses are covered by the policy in the event that insured persons with earthquake coverage are injured in a possible earthquake, Anadolu Sigorta Deputy General Manager Erdinç Gökalp said, “Health is the first priority of everyone and feeling safe from COVID-19 to earthquake risk, from birth to severe diseases, it is very important for people to know that they can freely get health services in hospitals. Within the scope of our earthquake coverage, the intensive care expenses of our insured up to 90 days are covered under the policy. The home care service, artificial limb and auxiliary medical equipment expenses related to the bodily injuries caused by the earthquake of our insured, who have earthquake coverage in their policy, will also be paid within the policy limits.” 

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