CLIMBS steps up efforts to support members, employees and general public in the Philippines during COVID19 pandemic

14 April 2020


ICMIF member CLIMBS (Philippines) has initiated a number of actions to support its members, employees and the general public during the COVID 19 pandemic.

CLIMBS CARES (Community Action Response and Emergency Services) was launched to assist communities in the distribution of potable drinking water and sanitation purposes, including a hotline for its cooperative members and the general public.

An initial 2 million Philippine Pesos (approximately USD 40,000) has been donated by CLIMBS to help provide much needed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline medical staff amid increasing fatalities. Hot meals are also provided every Friday to frontline staff in identified COVID19 medical centres nationwide.

CLIMBS has helped to ensure the safety of its employees and their families by providing them with basic needs, medical aid, cash assistance and hazard allowance to those who are called to be in the frontline.

CLIMBS was one of the first in the industry to give assurances that COVID 19-related claims were covered in its health products. Members have been given an additional 60 days up to total of 90 days extension on the grace period of premium payments and a 60-day premium credit extension programme for all non-life policyholders. An additional 30 days has also been given for claims notification and submission of claims documents until the government declares COVID 19 has been contained. A CLIMBS COVID 19 Protection for Emergency (COPE) product is being explored, subject to government regulations.

As well as checking on members’ welfare using technology, CLIMBS instigated an information drive on COVID 19, disseminating information about safety measures and hotlines through social media channels and sales staff. It also implemented a Business Continuity Plan to continue serving its members in accordance with government and WHO guidelines, while offering free training on business continuity management to its partners and continuing to provide online learning platforms that are beneficial to its members.

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