Folksam named top company for employer branding in Sweden

31 May 2019


Swedish ICMIF member Folksam has been praised for its work in the area of employer branding and how they are perceived by young professionals and students as an employer of choice. “Forerunner” and “inspirational” were just two of the key words used to refer to the company when Universum Communications announced that Folksam was Swedish employer branding company of the year.

The prize was awarded at a gala awards evening on Thursday 16 May.

“We are very happy to be given this award. It is confirmation that we have done a good job to move Folksam’s position forward in terms of being viewed as an attractive workplace. Our goal is to really be an attractive workplace, both for existing and potential employees,” says Pernilla Glad, Senior Vice President People and Places at the Folksam Group.

Being an attractive workplace with the right skills, organization and culture for learning and development is a strategic priority goal for Folksam. Employees who perform well, feel comfortable and develop are a prerequisite for satisfied customers and for being able to develop the organisation’s business.

“Being seen as an attractive workplace is everyone’s responsibility and our employees are our most important ambassadors. We also have a clear model and organization which helps drive and coordinate the employer branding work,” says Pernilla Glad.

A contributing factor in the creation of an attractive workplace is the feeling that one is working with something that feels meaningful. Among Folksam’s employees, there is a strong sense of meaningful purpose, pride and responsibility for keeping the customer in focus and making a difference in a long-term and sustainable way.

“Everyone who works at Folksam feels that our work makes a difference for people and there is a pride in the fact that we are owned by our customers and that we actively work with the environment, road safety and sustainable investments,” says Pernilla Glad.

Comments from the jury included:

“This company belongs to those who were the first to work with the issues in Sweden. The continuity of this company within the issues has been enormous. The company has a broad foundation in the issues internally and in management. It has also been important that external communication really reflects the reality of the company. We know that this company has inspired many others to work with the issues and we therefore want to call the company a pioneer in employer branding. ”

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