Folksam President and CEO Ylva Wessén named 20th most powerful woman in Swedish business

8 March 2022


Swedish ICMIF member Folksam‘s President and CEO Ylva Wessén has been named the 20th most powerful woman in the business world in Sweden. Today, on International Women’s Day, Dagens Industri presented its annual list of the 125 most powerful women in business in Sweden.

Speaking about the award, Ylva Wessén said: “I am of course both happy and honoured to be on the list as CEO of Folksam. Folksam manages over SEK 500 billion and as owners we have great power to influence the companies we invest in. We continue to place high demands on them, not least on issues relating to gender equality.

“The list presents 125 women with great power to develop their companies and organisations and thus the entire society,” Ylva continued.

“I wish this list wasn’t necessary, but the compilation unfortunately shows that the proportion of female stock exchange company CEOs is decreasing compared to last year. However, it is gratifying that the 100 largest cooperative and mutual companies have more than twice as many women as the CEO and/or Chair of the board compared to the 100 largest listed companies.

“If we are to cope with the necessary transformation in society in the future, we need to take advantage of all the compendium. Increasing gender equality in business is something that does not happen by itself, but requires a systematic and inclusive way of working,” concludes Ylva Wessén.

Folksam’s boards are completely gender equal and Folksam’s Group Management consists of five men and six women. Ylva is also a Vice-Chair on the ICMIF Board of Directors.

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