Guy Carpenter launches MetaRisk® Live to enable real-time reinsurance strategy optimisation

10 November 2022

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ICMIF Supporting Member Guy Carpenter, has today announced the launch of MetaRisk® Live, a new tool that supports the structuring and optimisation of reinsurance strategies in real time. 

MetaRisk Live enables clients to evaluate instantly the impact of changes to their reinsurance structure, creating a dynamic process that supports a better understanding of buying decisions. Leveraging the power of Guy Carpenter’s MetaRisk platform, a comprehensive suite of underwriting, reserve, catastrophe, credit and investment risk capabilities, the tool facilitates enhanced collaboration to develop optimal reinsurance structures. 

MetaRisk Live generates easy-to-interpret results illustrating the effects of structure adjustments through custom performance indicators, which are tailored to the company’s unique key performance indicators or KPIs. This real-time evaluation enables a more efficient work process, designed to develop approaches fully aligned to reinsurance goals and objectives more quickly and effectively. 

Commenting on the launch, John Trace, CEO, North America, said: “MetaRisk Live is a fantastic example of how we are innovating and collaborating with our clients to drive better and more-informed reinsurance decisions. Our ability to combine advanced analytics and critical thinking to deliver a dynamic, ‘live’ reinsurance structuring experience will help our clients better navigate today’s challenging market environment and bring our engagement to the next level.” 

Tony Phillips, Chairman, Latin America & Caribbean, Guy Carpenter (USA) took part in the panel discussion on the future of the mutual and cooperative insurance sector at the ICMIF Centenary Conference in Rome last month. Videos of all sessions from the Centenary Conference can be found on the ICMIF Knowledge Hub.  

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