Kyosuiren helps its member fishermen in Japan face the impact of COVID-19

26 May 2020


ICMIF member Kyosuiren (Japan) is the sole national federation that provides Kyosai (the name for cooperative insurance in Japan) services for members of over one thousand local Japan Fisheries Cooperatives (JFs) who are working in the fishery sector in Japan, a country that is surrounded by the sea and one of the major fishing countries in the world.

Kyosuiren offers a variety of life and non-life Kyosai, including standard types of life insurance, medical insurance, personal pension insurance, short-term casualty insurance for fishermen, and products for protecting houses from fires and natural disasters.

Kyosuiren is supporting its member policyholders affected during the COVID-19 pandemic through a variety of measures and information on the range of measures is available for members via the company’s website and flyers.

One example of this is, when requested in writing, long-term Kyosai policyholders are granted a grace period until 30 September, and the interest on policyholder loans is exempted until that date. For short-term Kyosai, insurance premiums are deemed to have been paid for policies that expired on or after 18 March, and the payment of the insurance premiums is extended until 31 May to make the policy effective.

In addition to the hospitalization period for COVID-19 infection at the hospital, Kyosuiren announced that it would consider the period of medical treatment at an accommodation facility or home for example, that was made at the discretion of a doctor, as hospitalization and it would also cover such a period.

Furthermore, Kyosuiren said that death or the most serious disability due to COVID-19 infection shall be treated as a disaster, not a disease, and the insured person shall be paid an additional amount of insurance money that is stipulated in the policy.

Kyosuiren also announced that it would act on behalf of the local JFs, who are its members and also joint business partners, in the event that the JFs were forced to close or reduce their operations due to the impact of COVID-19.

As part of its various initiatives for social contribution to fishermen and fishing communities, Kyosuiren has long established the “JF Kyosai Health Support Club Hotline for its Members” whereby members, who worry about their family health and nursing, can use the hotline 24/7 from anywhere in Japan. The hotline is free of charge for consultation and telephone calls and is staffed by experienced nurses and nursing support specialists. Privacy is protected because the name of the caller is not asked.

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