La Mobilière policyholders to receive a share of EUR 175 million surplus fund

22 July 2020


Swiss ICMIF member La Mobilière has announced that over the forthcoming period 2020-2021, the company’s vehicle, business and travel insurance policyholders will benefit from an optional payment from the company’s surplus fund.

The rebate is not paid in cash but takes the form of a premium reduction of at least 10%. Year after year, subject to satisfactory business results, La Mobilière pays back thousands of Swiss Francs to its policyholders.

This practice dates back to the origins of La Mobilière, which was founded in 1896 as a cooperative with the aim of jointly bearing the risks and consequences of claims. In 1939, it was decided to pass on the company’s success to customers through a surplus fund. This practice continues today with the giving back to members by the cooperative insurer still forming a key part of the philosophy and strategy of The La Mobilière Group.

If the company’s results are good, part of the profits are paid into the surplus fund and then, thanks to this fund, customers receive a share of the pot which, in recent years, has totalled several million Swiss Francs. Different customer groups are selected to benefit each year that a payment is made. The total payouts shared by member policyholders in recent years have been as follows:

  • 2017-2018: CHF 155 million
  • 2018-2019: CHF 160 million
  • 2019 -2020: CHF 160 million
  • 2020-2021: CHF 175 million

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