R+V has returned around EUR 13 million to its customers on “cashback day”

15 March 2023

R+V Cashback 2023 - Jens_Hasselbächer_mit_Cashback-Scheck_kleiner

The cashback programme of German ICMIF member R+V Versicherung rewards members of cooperative banks who have concluded a Member-Plus contract. The programme was launched in 2020. If the Member-Plus community of a cooperative bank has a favourable claims experience, then R+V Versicherung reimburses up to ten percent of the insurance premiums which is paid back to the member-plus customers in the following year. On “Cashback Day” 2023, on 10 March, R+V repaid a total of around EUR 13 million in contributions for 2022.

R+V Versicherung says the concept is convincing more and more customers, with the total number of customers participating in the Member-Plus programme having grown by almost 23% to more than 610,000. Around 81% of these customers now receive cashback. A refund is also available if the individual customer has reported a loss, but his banking community as a whole had a favorable claims experience. Because R+V says it is the result of the community that counts. At 634 cooperative banks in Germany, there is a member-plus community.

“Membership is the unique selling point of the cooperative banks,” says Jens Hasselbächer (pictured), Member of the Board of Management of the Customers & Sales department of R+V Versicherung. “Every single member benefits and feels the benefits of the community directly in their wallet. In addition, we are implementing the cooperative idea of ‘one for all, all for one’ together with the cooperative banks. This concept shows the power and modernity of the cooperative idea.”

There is money back for the four components of the R+V member private policy: household contents; residential buildings; liability and legal protection; as well as for the independent R+V member risk accident policy and the R+V member motor vehicle policy. The R+V Betriebskrankenkasse (company health insurance fund) is also included: Anyone who is a member of a cooperative bank and the R+V Betriebskrankenkasse at the same time and has not been admitted to hospital for one year receives a cashback of EUR 60.

The new advertising ambassador of the Member-Plus concept is the German TV presenter Enie van de Meiklokjes, who can currently be seen as a baking expert in various TV formats. R+V believe that Enie fits perfectly with the cooperative insurer’s marketing message of the concept “Secure your piece of the cake”.

Photo: Courtesy of R+V


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