Securian Financial launches new brand identity and announces inclusion in Fortune 500 list

23 May 2018


Securian Financial is the new name for the US-based life insurance/financial services company and ICMIF member formerly known as Securian. This week saw the addition of the word “Financial” as part of a rebranding and marketing campaign aimed at reaching consumers directly. The company’s new brand campaign celebrates putting family first and enjoying life’s everyday moments.

The 138-year-old company, known for decades as Minnesota Mutual Life Insurance, has unveiled a new Securian Financial logo and launched a national advertising campaign that will include advertisement spots on mainstream US television including during the popular “Good Morning America” show.

The key message of the new campaign is that families that feel confident with their finances can more easily enjoy the here and now, making life’s day-to-day, unexpected and occasionally unbelievable moments count. 

This is the central idea anchoring Securian Financial’s new brand campaign—“Every Moment Counts”—which is being brought to life through the company’s first-ever national television advertising and sponsorships with four Major League Baseball teams. The new campaign is part of an entirely new brand platform, including a target customer mind-set, brand promise, logo and identity system. 

“We have a diverse set of businesses, so our target customers cross all demographics. But according to our research, they have a mind-set that prioritizes investing time, money and emotional energy in family, however they define it,” said Ann Pilon McGarry, Securian Financial’s Vice President of Enterprise Marketing and Branding. “Securian Financial shares this mind-set with our customers. As a result, it’s authentic that our brand champions the rewards of putting family first.” 

“Securian Financial’s new logo was designed to be appealing, friendly and approachable to a consumer audience. It represents unity, diversity, continuity and the coming together of loved ones,” said Joe Cecere, President and Chief Creative Officer of Little & Company, the Minneapolis-based branding agency behind Securian Financial’s new brand. “We employed the word ‘Financial’ into the wordmark to further define what the company does as Securian Financial builds brand recognition.”  

Little & Company also developed the advertising campaign that brings the creative story to life: Securian Financial’s insurance, investment and retirement solutions give customers confidence—so they can be present for the little and big family moments that matter. 

“Most financial services advertising focuses on preparing for someday off in the distant future,” said Cecere. “Securian Financial is differentiating itself by saying customers can – and are – enjoying the moments we all experience every day.” 

The advertising, which debuts Wednesday 23 May, includes an integrated mix of media with spots ranging from 6-second family moments to a 60-second brand anthem. Television spots will air on national broadcast and cable programmes, with a heavier rotation in four key markets: Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago, Denver and Houston. In addition, in these four markets, Securian Financial is a 2018 partner of the Minnesota Twins, Chicago White Sox, Colorado Rockies and Houston Astros Major League Baseball teams. The company will sponsor a variety of family-themed activities in and outside of the teams’ ballparks throughout the season. 

The new brand campaign launched the same day Securian Financial made the Fortune 500 list of the United States’ largest companies by revenue for the first time in company history. While the financial services provider has experienced strong growth, the company says the need for a stronger brand is more important than ever. 

“Customer expectations and buying behaviors are changing rapidly. To be part of their decision journey we must have a relevant, strong brand,” said McGarry. “At the same time, our distributors want a strong brand so they can spend less time explaining who we are when educating customers about our solutions. Finally, the competition to recruit top talent is intensifying, and we know people want to work for a strong brand.” 

Speaking about Securian Financial’s inclusion on the Fortune 500 list, Chris Hilger, Chairman, President and CEO, said: “Since our founding in 1880 as the first life insurance company in Minnesota, to the diversified financial services provider we are today, we have stayed true to our values and have helped provide important financial security to our customers. This milestone is a testament to the way we do business at Securian Financial, the loyalty of our customers and the hard work of our dedicated associates, both present and past.”

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