Surco Seguros recognised by Great Places to Work Uruguay for the quality of its organisational culture

15 June 2021

Surco Seguros Great Place to Work 2021

ICMIF member Surco Seguros (Uruguay) was recently recognised by Great Places to Work (GPTW) Uruguay for the quality of its organisational culture.

Silvana Tachini, Head of Human Resources at the cooperative insurer says that achieving the certification is a recognition that makes everyone at the organisation very happy. Tachini says: “It comes at a particular time, in the context of a year of pandemic, where the company was faced with “surfing” with new situations and adapting to take care of its people and the business. It was an experience that left us with lessons learned and some changes that are here to stay.”

Tachini says the cooperative insurer and the team there have always strived hard to make SURCO Seguros an excellent place to work, saying they put energy, knowledge, and love into every action in search of continuous improvement.

Given this and after the results seen in the climate survey at the end of 2020, which were obtained through GPTW’s specific methodology with an objective measurement which collected the opinion of people on an extensive series of questions across the different subsystems that make up the organisation, achieving the organisational culture recognition is an excellent sign for Tachini that confirms that she and her organisation are working on a good path.

Tachini says: “Culture is what describes and transcends, what demonstrates the way things are done and speaks to the identity of the company, it is a kind of “brand” that becomes a competitive advantage both internally and externally.”

GPTW points out that when an organisation achieves certification, it is evidence that it has created an organisational culture that is shared and valued by its people and speaks of consistent leadership.

Tachini says: “Obtaining this recognition inspires us to continue, we have many more things to keep working on and improving. In short, it is an achievement that distinguishes us, a seal or mark that we are happy and proud to share, because it is simply the feeling of the people at SURCO.”

Visit the Surco Seguros YouTube page for videos (in Spanish) from Silvana Tachini and other members of the Surco team on their GPTW recognition.

Since the beginning of 2021, Silvana Tachini is also leading the Taskforce on new ways of working in a post-Covid era which was set up for the Latin American chapter of the ICMIF/Americas Regional Association. The objectives of the taskforce are twofold: firstly, to broaden everyone’s view through brainstorming on the different aspects of the topic of new ways of working: sharing progress, situations and examples of what different organisations may be working on or considering. Its second aim is to identify and formulate key performance indicators (KPIs) to support management. Tachini is currently drafting guidelines which will be made available to the entire ICMIF membership in due course.

For member-only strategic content on the cooperative/mutual insurance sector, ICMIF members have exclusive access to a range of online resources through the ICMIF Knowledge Hub.

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