Thrivent members generate nearly USD 13 million in financial support to help non-profit organisations during the pandemic

12 August 2020


During the uncertainty of the evolving COVID-19 situation, ICMIF member Thrivent (USA) has remained committed to serving its members and clients; protecting the health and safety of its workforce; and empowering its members to support their communities during this unprecedented time. As of the end of May, more than 46,000 Thrivent members, along with their friends, family and neighbours, generated nearly USD 13 million of much-needed financial support to more than 17,000 non-profit organisations and churches around the country.

The Thrivent Foundation is complementing the generosity of Thrivent’s members by donating USD 150,000 to three relief funds in the Fox Cities and Twin Cities – the communities where Thrivent’s corporate offices are located – to support people and non-profits impacted by COVID-19. The Foundation is also providing its partners with general operating funds to help them offset the initial burden COVID-19 has placed on their capacity.

Earlier this year, Thrivent launched a COVID-19 donation matching challenge in response to the crisis, which exceeded its target after receiving more than USD 3 million in donations from its members. The Fortune 500 financial services organisation pledged a further USD 1.5 million to bring the total impact to more than USD 5 million (more than its initial total goal of USD 3 million).

“As always, but especially now, we are committed to serving our members, clients and their families,” says Terry Rasmussen, Thrivent President and CEO. “Rest assured, Thrivent is a strong and stable diversified financial services organisation that is well-positioned to not only weather but thrive during this storm. Our strong capital and surplus positions will allow us to deliver on our past and future commitments to our clients.”

To help its members/clients, Thrivent has offered an extended grace period for life and health insurance products to provide financial support through the impacts of coronavirus. Thrivent announced that it has not lapsed a contract due to non-payment of premiums during the pandemic.

Thrivent also has an action plan to demonstrate care for its workforce. It includes a work-from-home requirement for most positions that began 23 March. Thrivent professionals have also been encouraged to use technology to meet virtually with members, and the majority of meetings and events have been transitioned to virtual engagements (if possible).

Events organised by the Thrivent Member Network – regional groups that bring people together to do good in their churches, communities and beyond – have been held virtually when possible, to support members and communities. Thrivent has extended all Thrivent Action Teams originally scheduled for March, April or May, offering additional time to complete events. The organisation says: ‘Our members are passionate about their communities and giving of themselves. Thrivent is committed to helping members be wise with money and give back to the causes and people they care most about. Thrivent’s suite of benefits equips members to express generosity in their own way while making an even bigger impact!’

As a mission-driven, membership-owned fraternal organisation and a holistic financial services organisation, Thrivent offers its more than two million clients a broad range of financial solutions to help them thrive, including insurance, banking, investment options and financial advice. Driven by its fundamental purpose as an organisation that “We believe humanity thrives when people make the most of all they’ve been given”, Thrivent is committed to focusing on their client’s goals and priorities, guiding them towards financial choices that will help them live the life they want today – and tomorrow.

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