Unipol launches advanced telematics solution to improve driver safety

18 May 2021


Continuing its pursuit of innovation, last month UnipolSai – the insurance company of ICMIF member Unipol (Italy) – launched Unibox Safe, an advancement to its existing black box telematics solution, Unibox.

Unibox combines Motor Vehicle TPL policies with integrated satellite technology, providing over 4.5 million customers in Italy with the option to pay based on how much they drive. The new design of Unibox Safe includes a higher level of service to guarantee customers even greater safety.

Equipped with a sophisticated eCall system, Unibox Safe allows hands-free contact with the assistance centre, which can be activated by the customer at any time in case of need. It also includes an automatic activation of roadside assistance (and, if required, medical assistance) in case of serious accidents in order to guarantee prompt and vital support.

Solar powered, Unibox Safe also stands out from other solutions for its contribution to sustainability. It also continues to meet the saving needs of customers, enabling them to reduce their premium by reducing the number of kilometres they travel.

Unipol’s commitment to the advancing the mobility ecosystem

Unipol is the largest Italian non-life and motor insurer with over 9 million motor vehicle policies. It has been the pioneer of black boxes in Italy ever since it first used Unibox in 2004, the first black box on a motor vehicle and one of the first examples of the development of telematics in the insurance sector.

Since then, Unipol continues to invest in innovation and has firmly maintained the market leadership for these kind of devices in Italy, where the company holds approximately a 50% market share of telematics insurance, and also at European level.

Unipol is able to contribute to safer mobility and implement the quick and effective management of claims to the benefit of the company, customers (e.g. greater safety and assistance and kilometre rates) and the community (e.g. fraud prevention).

The use of telematics provides the company with big data on mobility behaviour, which can be used in partnership with public actors to promote sustainable development models for cities based on the innovative use of IoT.

In the mobility ecosystem, Unipol stands out for having internalised roadside assistance, maintenance services and the direct repair of damages (Auto Presto&Bene and MyGlass), meaning that it supports customers by fixing and not just compensating the damages suffered. More recently, Unipol expanded its proposal for the motor segment, again supporting the circular economy, through its presence on the long-term rental market and the acquisition of an online platform for used car sales.

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