Univé introduces Cyber Fit Service to train entrepreneurs and SMEs in working online safely

18 March 2022

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Netherlands-based cooperative insurer and ICMIF member Univé is offering business customers a free Cyber Fit Service for one year with all business insurance policies. In doing so, the cooperative says it is going one step further to help its business members protect themselves against cybercrime.

The training programme teaches freelancers, SMEs and their employees on how they can improve the online security of their company. According to Johan van den Neste, Director of Univé Schade, the need for knowledge about online security is growing among this group of entrepreneurs. “Certainly, now that a large part of business takes place online. In the past five years, 60% of Dutch companies have had to deal with cybercrime at least once,” he said.

With its Cyber Fit Service, Univé offers freelancers and SMEs free access to a training programme provided by Surelock, a company that specialises in online security, for a year. It focuses on recognising various forms of cybercrime in an accessible way. “The platform with information and training videos provides insight into the cyber risks that a business runs and what preventive measures the entrepreneur can take to improve the online security of the company. In this way we help them to increase their cyber knowledge and make their business Cyber Fit.” says Johan Van den Neste. Univé is the first insurer to help its corporate and private members protect themselves against the consequences of cybercrime on a large scale.

The launch of the Cyber Fit Service by Univé comes more than a year after the launch of Univé Cyberhulp (Cyber Help in English). Through the Cyberhulp service, the cooperative helps private members prevent, limit and repair damage caused by cybercrime. According to Van den Neste, the increasing levels of cybercrime are a growing risk, both for corporate and private members. That is why Univé is helping its members to increase their knowledge about cybercrime. For example, with the cyber help desk, which is available 24/7 for customers who are involved in or suspect cybercrime. Cyberhulp was added to the cover of all non-life insurance policies in February 2021 and became immediately available to 1.1 million members of the cooperative at that time.

Cyberhulp came about thanks to a partnership between Sontiq and Univé who partnered to provide Univé members with immediate access to cyber insurance and cybercrime services through Sontiq’s Cyberscout product. Designed to help its members protect against, limit, and recover from the damage caused by cybercrime, the partnership provides both insurance protection against a multitude of cyber incidents and 24/7 live helpdesk assistance as standard in all non-life insurance policies.

“Due to the lower claims burden of Univé Schade in 2021, various ways arose in which the benefit could flow back to our members. The free access to the Cyber Fit Service, the training programme for entrepreneurs with business insurance, is a good example of this.” said Van den Neste.

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