Vaudoise launches several initiatives to support SMEs, nursing staff and private individuals during the coronavirus pandemic

1 April 2020


Remaining faithful to its mutual identity, and its values ​​of closeness and solidarity for 125 years, Swiss ICMIF member Vaudoise is launching several initiatives to support both the local economy and individuals. To this end, it has joined forces with Qoqa and Groupe Mutuel Foundation to launch DireQt, a unique web platform that provides financial support to the self-employed and SMEs in Switzerland.  Vaudoise has also donated several thousand protective masks to Lausanne University Hospital, to support nursing staff. It is also taking steps to alleviate its customers’ current financial concerns.

Recent measures to combat coronavirus have not been enough to help Swiss companies which are currently classed as non-essential business activities.  Individuals are also impacted by the economic consequences of the pandemic. The situation is all the more worrying if current restrictions are not reduced in the near future says Vaudoise.

DireQt: a platform to support SMEs, the self-employed and individuals

The new DireQt  community platform aims to revitalise the regional economy in a sustainable way, as Jean-Daniel  Laffely, CEO of Vaudoise, says: “This partnership will give good visibility and significant financial advantages to small businesses and the self-employed all over Switzerland who have had to close their businesses or who are in difficulty due to a lack of trade, by offering local products.”

Simple and accessible, the site allows internet users to buy vouchers which can be used at one or more merchants of their choosing.  Whatever the amount of the voucher bought, it is automatically increased by 30% (10% for the customer, 20% for the merchant).  In practical terms, if a customer buys a CHF 90 voucher from a bakery, he/she actually gets CHF 100 of value, while the baker earns CHF 120.

The financial participation in this initiative by Vaudoise and Groupe Mutuel amounts to 2 million Swiss francs divided equally between the two companies.

Vaudoise supports its policyholders and healthcare staff

Vaudoise, being highly sensitive to the unwavering commitment of Switzerland’s healthcare  workers, has donated several thousand masks to the Lausanne University Hospital, CHUV, and a home helper association. 

Vaudoise is also doing its best to alleviate the difficult financial situation that some of its customers may be facing.  It is deferring premium payments where necessary and is ready to negotiate specific solutions for commercial businesses.

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