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Sustainability and innovation as part of the strategic agenda

ICMIF Biennial Conference 2019 session: Emerging risks and threats: Internal shifts within organisations

In a changing world, Achmea is aware of different types of challenges and risks for its customers and focuses on areas where it can have the greatest impact with its products and services. Through the development of innovative initiatives and smart use of data, Achmea can have a major social impact in its strategic domains of health, mobility, living environments and financial solutions.

As the one of the largest insurance companies in Europe, Achmea (Netherlands) wants to contribute to a healthy, safe and future-proof society. It has around 14,000 employees and 12 million customers in the Netherlands and internationally, with gross written premiums of EUR 20 billion. Its roots date back more than 200 years when it was formed by a group of farmers in the Netherlands to provide affordable insurance protection. Today, cooperative identity is still part of its DNA.

Achmea has integrated defined social impact goals into its new 2025 strategy. Based on extensive stakeholder dialogue, it has chosen three key Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to excel in: good health and wellbeing; sustainable cities and communities; and climate action. These SDGs form part of Achmea’s sustainability charter and are embedded in its strategic agenda and core activities.

An example of one of Achmea’s innovations is BlueLabel, a digital risk analysis tool, which contributes to SDG 13 (climate action). BlueLabel provides insight into areas vulnerable to the impact of climate change, such as flooding and extreme heat, with an accuracy that can pinpoint individual buildings, properties and streets. The ultimate aim is to encourage and be proactive in the prevention of disasters.

Another example is a partnership with We Drive Solar, an electric shared car service. Achmea is the largest landlord and real estate investor in the Netherlands and builds solar panels on all their roofs. The collaboration involves the smart interexchange of electrical energy between cars (when parked) and buildings, contributing to SDG 11 (sustainable cities and communities).  

Lastly, Heart Watch, a wearable health device that gives clients the opportunity to measure key personal data, such as blood pressure and heart rhythm. These are measured in real time and on a continuous basis, so clients can self-monitor their health through an app and detect any changes to prevent any health deterioration (SDG 3: good health and wellbeing).


Robert Otto, Member of the Executive Board, Achmea (Netherlands)

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