Guide to microinsurance for ICMIF members

The ICMIF Foundation works to support mutual and cooperative insurers to develop and scale up their microinsurance programmes. To do this well, it needs the engagement and support of the ICMIF membership. However, as microinsurance is not a familiar business line for many ICMIF members, it is important that answers to the following common questions are clear: What is microinsurance? How many people are covered by microinsurance and what helps it to expand its reach? How does microinsurance differ from traditional insurance? How is mutual microinsurance different from commercial microinsurance? What impact does mutual microinsurance have on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?

This guide provides answers to these commonly asked questions and serves as a starting point for future discussion on the work of The ICMF Foundation and the role of mutual microinsurance as a tool to help build resilience in low-income, vulnerable populations across the world.

For more information on The ICMIF Foundation, click here

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