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Cornish Mutual (UK)

Last update: 30 April 2021

Key facts

Cornish Mutual was founded in the UK in 1903 by a group of local farmers searching for a better way of insuring their farms through a cooperative approach. By 1999, the company extended its insurance services from farms to homes and businesses across the rural communities of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and Dorset. As of 2019, Cornish Mutual’s gross written premiums were GBP 23.65 million. For more information visit their website. 


As part of a strategy refresh during 2020, Cornish Mutual identified the move from protection to prevention as one of its transformative opportunities.  In the past, the company ran a number of marketing campaigns to highlight the importance of creating safe home and workplaces, examples of which can be found below.  Now, an even more proactive approach is being taken across the business with a view to developing new valuable services and real risk-reducing changes in behaviour amongst the membership. 

The company is starting with a health and safety offering which it is launching in 2021 with expert partners.  This will sit alongside a number of internally provided services. 

Additionally, the farming membership faces business model uncertainty as a result of Brexit and climate change among other challenges.  As part of a wider risk prevention remit, Cornish Mutual is running their Future Farming Programme.  This campaign aims to showcase solutions which anticipate and build resilience against emerging business model risks to members through relevant content, events, case studies and opportunities to cooperate with each other. 


The company noted that the fewer incidents it had to pay out to cover, the more it could invest in better premiums and service for its membership. So, to help people stay safe, the company advised its members to reduce their risk through awareness raising and advisory initiatives. 

FarmSafe was one such initiative which aimed to raise awareness of health and safety on farms. The FarmSafe website provided guidance to help members make sure their farming activities complied with health and safety regulations, as well as taking proactive steps to reduce the risks. It included a wide range of subjects surrounding health and safety on farms, including how to write a risk assessment. 

FarmSafe for Schools

Cornish Mutual’s FarmSafe for Schools resource provided free farm and countryside safety teaching materials for Key Stage 1 and 2 teachers (those teaching children between ages 5-7 and 7-11). Their Teaching Resources page gave access to new lesson plans to help teachers deliver farm and countryside safety lessons. These materials covered farm safety, the countryside code, hygiene, road and rail safety, safety around animals and safety around electricity. Each lesson plan consisted of detailed teacher notes, pupil worksheets and PowerPoint presentations to help pupils understand some of the dangers they might encounter in the countryside and know how to deal with them safely. 


The company recognised that climate change and other factors are having an adverse impact on the frequency of flooding. Its FloodSafe information portal outlined various steps policyholders can take to assess their risk of potential flood damage and to reduce the risk, including a range of building enhancements to reduce vulnerability to floods. 


Cornish Mutual’s HomeSafe campaign aimed to reduce the risk of accidents in the home, be it whilst undertaking DIY projects, protecting children or reducing the risk of fire. 

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice
Hazards: Biological, Environmental, Flood, Hail, Road Traffic Accident

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