Case study

Unique Insurance (Ghana)

Last update: 30 April 2021

Key facts

Unique Insurance (UIC) is a limited liability company, incorporated in 1999 in Ghana and licensed by the Ghana National Insurance Commission to underwrite General Insurance businesses. 


The company is owned by influential local workers’ unions, a Financial House and high net worth individuals. Through its nine branch offices, UIC offers a range of insurance products including motor, fire, security, travel, marine, workers compensation, goods in transit, assets and money insurance. For more information visit their website. 

In the area of policy underwriting and policy documents 

To help its customers prevent disaster risks, UIC conveys relevant information on its policy jackets relating to risk reduction and safety. A pre- and post-risk underwriting survey is also administered, accompanied with recommendations. Additionally, policy wording and clauses are used to enforce the need to have certain risk reduction measures in place. 

Incentives and discounts 

Incentives in the form of discounts and premium reductions are provided for clients who have risk reduction measures in place such as fire extinguishing appliances, sprinklers, security cameras and alarms. 

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice, Pricing
Hazards: Environmental, Multi hazard

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