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Zenkyoren – Digital Traffic Safety Education for Youth (Japan)

Last update: 15 March 2021

Key facts

Japanese ICMIF member Zenkyoren (National Mutual Insurance Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives) has produced a Traffic Safety Education DVD which it will donate to primary schools, special support education schools, police stations, municipal Boards of Education and local governments throughout Japan to enable the continued provision of traffic safety education during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Cooperative insurer Zenkyoren is engaged in a variety of prevention activities, including the prevention of traffic accidents and the support of victims of such accidents if they do occur. The aim for Zenkyoren is to create a society free from traffic accidents.

The Covid-19 pandemic and its associate restrictions on social contact have meant that traffic safety guidance sessions which are normally conducted every year by outside experts such as the police have had to be restricted in educational fields including primary schools and Zenkyoren believes that traffic safety education has not been provided sufficiently. Therefore, Zenkyoren produced a traffic safety education DVD which it is donating to compulsory educational schools such as primary schools, special support education schools, police stations, municipal boards of education and local governments nationwide.

When children reach primary school age, they have more opportunities to go out with other children and the range of their activities becomes wider such as riding bicycles. Therefore, it is important to have traffic safety education that conveys the correct traffic rules and courtesies in a way that is suited to children’s various stages of development.”

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice
Hazards: Road Traffic Accident

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