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Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros (Argentina)

Last update: 30 April 2021

Key facts

Sancor Cooperativa de Seguros is a cooperative insurance company founded in 1945 in Argentina. 


The company provides coverage in the areas of property, personal, agricultural, occupational risk and medical. For more information visit their website. 

Ciudadano Sustentable (Sustainable Citizen)  

Ciudadano Sustentable (Sustainable Citizen) is a transversal, comprehensive programme which encourages the various stakeholders of Sancor Seguros to contribute to a more sustainable future. The programme has five dimensions:  

  • Insurance awareness: The sustainable citizens have to be forward-thinking and interested in insuring themselves, their family and take steps to protect the future of their children,  
  • People have to think about prevention: for example they should wear bicycle or motorcyle helmets; use car seatbelts; they should try to prevent domestic home accidents and; they should implement the best practices of health and safety,  
  • The third dimension is health and wellbeing: which involves doing regular physical activity, eating healthily, taking care of their health in general by having medical check-ups and avoiding addictions,  
  • The fourth dimension is ethics and the integrity: abiding by the rules; do not commit or facilitate fraud; and living according to cooperative values, 
  • And the final dimension is taking care of the environment; helping to tackle climate change. 

The impact of the programme directly helps Sancor Seguros’ business since by encouraging these prevention activities listed above the number of accidents, frauds, deaths, diseases, delays, legal processes and expenses decreases greatly and we foster wellbeing, safety and solidarity among people by creating economic, social and environmental value for society. The communications campaign for the programme, called “Being Sustainable”, reached 2,914,633 people in Argentina.  


For Sancor Seguros Group, talking to young people about the importance of insurance and risk prevention in the framework of a policy based on life value of their own life and their friends is very important. Therefore, through Gen PRE, Sancor Seguros fosters dialogue between companies and youngsters. At the same time, it works together with organisations such as “Divertite sin Alcohol” (Have fun without Alcohol); “Conduciendo a Conciencia” (Conscious Driving); “CESVI” (The Centre for Research and Road Safety); and “El Desafío” (The Challenge) in the development of programmes which foster health, safety and inter-generational solidarity. 

Preveniños (Risk avoidance for children)

In 2005, Sancor Seguros launched a “Prevention in Schools” programme with the objective of contributing to the improvement of hygiene and safety conditions in educational establishments and promote the formation of a preventive culture in future generations, providing them with knowledge that allows them to recognise key risks and reduce the chances of an accident. 

In addition to the “Prevention in Schools” programme, Sancor Seguros recognised that other tools such as the internet would be useful. Therefore, within “Prevention in Schools”, the Preveniños programme was created. Initially it was a website with conceptual and dynamic content, a virtual space conceived as a place for the formation of children and the integration of their parents, based on the concept of learning through play. The programme has since grown and Preveniños is now present in social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, areas where children connect, maintaining the concept of using recreational space to provide training in self-care and prevention..  

In 2015, the programme signed up to the Children´s Rights and Business Principles, a set of principles developed by UNICEF, the United Nations Global Compact and Save the Children, as the framework to guide its work and to understand the impact that businesses have on children’s wellbeing. Thus, Preveniños included the work of entities such as UNICEF and Children´s Villages to its virtual spaces to foster children´s right to play, to express themselves and participate in learning about how to ensure their own safety.  

National traffic loss prevention programme “Rutas en Rojo” (Red Routes)

Launched in 2007, the objective of the “Rutas en Rojo” programme is to help reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by road traffic accidents. It has different lines of action: 

  • Mobile unit that travels all over the country: this is a trailer equipped with eight computerized stations that carry out free and confidential tests to evaluate the psychophysical and cognitive abilities to drive vehicles, 
  • Training sessions: talks byroad safety specialists; aimed at different audiences. 
  • Road safety commitment: agreements and actions with municipalities in Argentina to contribute to the training of people who work in positions related to road safety. 
  • YouTube channel: audiovisual training material, journalistic investigative articles and awareness raising. 

The “Rutas en Rojo” programme has reached 7,208,000 through these various lines of action since 2007. 

Auto Inteligente (Intelligent Car)

The “Auto Inteligente” product involves installing a cutting-edge device which uses telematics technology in vehicles. The installation is voluntary. This device provides information about how a driver is braking, speeding-up, kilometres driven, how they drive in rush-hour, among others. As a result, it provides a rating for every person on how they drive. The client can use this information to accrue points quarterly in the “Sancor Seguros Beneficia” rewards programme if they are driving in a safe way. Clients can also download an app where they can access exclusive information about their driving behaviour; geolocalisation in case of theft; and – if another person is driving their car- they can see where and at what speed. This technology enables the early notification of accidents and improves the response time. Sancor Seguros hopes that through this technology it will know its clients better and therefore be able to reward the best drivers.   

 Empresas Guías (Guide Companies) 

The “Empresas Guías” (Guide Companies) programme was developed by Prevención ART which is the workplace/labour insurance business unit of the Sancor Seguros Group. Prevención ART provides cover against accidents at the workplace and occupational diseases.  

From 2000, the Argentinian Labour Risks regulator implemented prevention programmes in employers with skewed percentage in accidents frequency, setting obligations to be covered by the insurers which were providing the employers with their cover. However, these programmes had a limited scope to obtain the required outcomes in terms of risks prevention.  

Therefore, Prevencíon ART decided to broaden the scope of the preventative measures and include a more representative sample of companies to be targeted. This led to the development of the “Empresas Guías” (Guide Companies) programme which aims to reduce the frequency rate of accidents in a group of clients with specific characteristics. 

This programme has been successfully implemented for several years now with a different representative sample of companies from various sectors and regions within Argentina selected each year. These companies are then allocated resources to help them with preventative measures in the workspace above the minimum requirements set by current regulations at the time. The main resource made available is a Risk Consultant, who is a professional trained in the fields of hygiene and safety who then assists companies with their risks and implementing preventative measures to reduce risk in the workplace. They will do a risk assessment and then help the company develop an action plan which is likely to include on-site training, training materials and online learning. An app “Estoy Seguro” (I’m safe) was also developed which provided training on specific risks. The outcome of the preventative measures is calculated every year and potential improvements shared with the business to ensure continuous improvement at the organisation.  

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice, Modelling & Data
Hazards: Multi hazard, Road Traffic Accident

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