Case study

Swiss Mobiliar (Switzerland)

Last update: 30 April 2021

Key facts

Founded in Bern (Switzerland) in 1826, Swiss Mobiliar is the oldest private insurance company in the country and is still anchored in a cooperative. The company services more than 2.1 million customers. 


Customer groups include private individuals, agriculture, trade, industry, trade and service companies as well as the public sector. For more information visit their website. 

Flood prevention financing

Since 2006, Swiss Mobiliar has donated around 38 million Swiss francs for prevention projects to protect against natural hazards throughout Switzerland. Start-up and partial financing were provided for over 146 projects in order to avoid damage to people, movables and real estate. 

To support the financing efforts, Swiss Mobiliar provides prospective project applicants with a checklist of success factors for flood protection based on a study conducted by the Mobiliar Lab for natural risks at the University of Bern. The checklist consists of nine different thematic blocks, including one related to long-term protection including emergency planning, new building construction, and land-use planning and zoning. 

Mechanisms: Awareness & Advice
Hazards: Flood

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