Meeting of Reinsurance Officials 2021 and 2022

MORO stands for Meeting of Reinsurance Officials and the event is a unique, global gathering of reinsurance professionals from the mutual and cooperative sector that meets every two years. It is an outstanding opportunity to share reinsurance knowledge and discuss issues of common interest with peers from around the world in a collaborative and supportive environment. The MORO conference usually lasts for three days and includes high level presentations, discussion panels, breakout sessions and one-to-one meetings, with a unique focus on how reinsurance issues affect mutual and cooperative insurers.

In 2020, the MORO was cancelled as an “in person” event and became a series of reinsurance-themed webinars which proved to be very successful and popular with ICMIF members.

Due to restrictions caused by the ongoing pandemic, we will once again host a virtual reinsurance event in 2021. The virtual MORO will take place over three days from Tuesday 8 to Thursday 10 June 2021.

New topics have been added to the agenda which is now as follows:

Tuesday 8 June: Current state of the reinsurance market
(14.00 to 16.00 BST)

The panel will look at the latest developments in the reinsurance market, including discussions about reinsurance pricing and the long-term impact of the pandemic on the way reinsurance business is transacted. There will then be an opportunity for attendees to break into discussions groups to reflect on what they have heard from the panel.

  • Apundeep Lamba, Vice President, Corporate Actuarial & Reinsurance Services, The Co-operators (Canada)
  • Mathilde Jakobsen, Director, Analytics, AM Best (Netherlands)
  • Glen Riddell, CEO - Asia, Berkley Re (Singapore)
  • Maya Popovic-Biereth, Regional Director EMEA N/E, Willis Re (UK)
  • Moderator: Christoph Lamby, CEO, R+V Re (Germany)

Wednesday 9 June: Emerging risks
(14.00 to 16.00 BST)

Emerging risks in casualty insurance

Technological change continues to accelerate leaving casualty insurers trying to keep up with the liability implications of these emerging risks. In this presentation, Berkley Re survey some of these developing exposures, including autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence and explore both the current state of the technology and the potential future impact on the casualty insurance product.

  • Michael Wrightman, Head of Casualty Treaty, Berkley Re (UK)

The rapid expansion of personal cyber insurance

Is your homeowners’ policy still relevant in our "always on, always connected" homes? Do your customers have sufficient protection for digital risks? Learn how Europe’s major personal lines carriers are implementing personal cyber insurance programs and what you can do to compete and win with advanced cyber solutions. From reinsurance to policy development, customer education to claims handling, this presentation will cover all the bases to help you upgrade your personal lines products with state-of-the-art personal cyber coverage.

  • Matt Cullina, Head of Global Insurance Business, Sontiq (USA)

Adding Resilience (R) to ESG: Hybridising physics-based & machine-learning models to better model physical asset resilience

In recent years, insurance companies have expanded efforts to foster sustainability by incorporating environment (E), social (S), and governance (G) principles into their investment strategies and underwriting. Resilience (R) is not necessarily promoted with the same level of specificity due to modelling constraints. Combining physics-based models with machine-learning models can help the insurance industry to develop better business interruption and non-damage business interruption policies, while providing resilience-as-a-service (RaaS) platforms and analytics services for better risk prevention/preparedness. This presentation will discuss these modelling trends and how ESG can be supplemented with R to best protect policyholders and guide sustainable business.

  • Jeff Bohn, Senior Advisor, Swiss Re (Switzerland)

Thursday 10 June: Digitisation and collaboration in reinsurance
(14.00 to 16.00 BST)

The importance of initial data selection on natural catastrophe and risk modelling

When dealing with high resolution data (both space and time), accuracy is of highest importance. However, the accuracy can be jeopardised when mixing datasets with alternate precisions. This error is mostly underestimated and its impact on model results can be drastic. As few users test for it, it mostly goes unnoticed and wrong decisions are made.

  • Thomas Phillips, Lead Geo Innovation, Swiss Re Institute (Switzerland)

Innovation to improve risk and improve lives

Learn how one P&C company is partnering with innovative start-ups to leverage the power of internet-of-things sensors, drones, aerial imagery, computer vision and machine learning to provide policyholder risk control services, improve underwriting risk selection, and reduce losses in all major lines of business.

  • Chad Veach, Innovation Manager - AVP, Risk Improvement Department, EMC Insurance Companies (USA)

ICMIF collaboration in action: Reinsurance case study

Cornish Mutual, Farm Mutual Re and Willis Re share their story of successful relationships built on collaboration. The presentation provides insights from the perspectives of a UK reinsurance buyer, Canadian reinsurer and international broker into the development of a successful reinsurance relationship based on shared mutual values which started following ICMIF introductions.

  • Paul Mahon, Insurance Director, Cornish Mutual (UK)
  • Kevin Cameron, Chief Reinsurance Officer, Farm Mutual Re (Canada)
  • James Wenham, Executive Director, Willis Re (UK)

Recordings of the 2020 webinars are available to ICMIF members, please contact Mike Ashurst, Vice-President, Reinsurance and Professional Development, to request a link to watch the recordings.

We will host the next face to face MORO in 2022 when we will be hosted by ICMIF member R+V Re in Germany. More information coming soon.

More information

For more details about the virtual MORO, please contact Mike Ashurst Vice-President, Reinsurance.

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