Reinsurer’s approach to pricing of property risk

In the lead up to the ICMIF Meeting of Reinsurance Officials (MORO), ICMIF Supporting Member Peak Re provides insights into reinsurers’ approach to pricing of property risk. According to a recent ‘Risk and Capital Management Strategy’ survey conducted jointly by ICMIF and Peak Re, reinsurance costs are a notable focus for many mutual insurers.

This webinar looks to explain the building blocks of property pricing including the impact of items such as cost of capital, expected loss, acquisition cost and management expense in reaching a final pricing view. At the end of the webinar, the audience shall have an understanding of the variables of the pricing components. Peak Re also extends the view to reinsurance buyer’s perspective with regard to impact on capital requirements and cost of capital.

The objective of this webinar is to narrow the expectation gap between reinsurance buyer and reinsurer(s) by sharing insights on this subject that garners a high level of attention from ICMIF members.


  • Andy Souter, Director, Global Markets, Peak Re
  • Chi-Hang Wong, Senior Vice President, Analytics, Peak Re
  • Andrew McGuinness, Senior Vice President, Underwriting, Peak Re

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