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Monday, 14 February 2011

Benenden Healthcare and Engage Mutual, two of the UK’s leading mutuals, have announced the formation of a new partnership to help deliver and better develop the ‘Benenden Health Cash Plan’. The partnership represents a great example of mutual organisations joining together for each others benefit and this is just the latest example of two ICMIF members forming such an alliance. The new partnership also comes at a time when the UK Coalition Government is actively promoting mutual organisations as a model for the better delivery of public services.

CEO of Engage Mutual Andrew Haigh said “we are delighted that we will be working in...

Wednesday, 09 February 2011

The ICMIF Conference in Tokyo in October this year will see three key speakers taking the platform on day one of the event.

During the opening sessions of Conference delegates will hear from Pauline Green, ICA President, Karel Van Hulle, Head, Insurance & Pensions Unit, European Commission Directorate-General for Internal Market & Services and Yoshi Kawai, Secretary General of the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS).

Pauline Green and Yoshi Kawai will speak during the Conference opening session ‘The Future of Our Sector’ and Karel Van Hulle will be speaking during the session on ‘Solvency for...

Tuesday, 08 February 2011

ICMIF member BEST RE has moved its headquarters from Tunis in Tunisia to Labuan in Malaysia. After the appointment of new General Manager Sami Guellouz late last year, the decision was made by the ReTakaful organisation to relocate their operating headquarters from their previous home in Tunis to Labuan due to strategic changes within the business. BEST RE is one of ICMIF’s many Takaful members who provide insurance within the rules of the Islamic faith and are part of what is now a fast moving industry sector.

BEST RE has both life and non-life operations and whilst the non-life activities are currently the largest, they are also...

Friday, 04 February 2011

The Australian Government has given a strong indication of its support for mutual organisations in the financial sector by releasing a discussion paper called the Competitive and Sustainable Banking System. This document has been described as strongly pro-mutual and highlights many of the benefits that mutual ownership of financial institutions can bring to customers.

An Australian Government statement said that “Mutual organisations, credit unions and building societies always put their members first. They are not-for-profit lenders – so they put their profits back into cheaper interest rates, lower fees and better customer...

Thursday, 03 February 2011

Mutualité Française have announced Etienne Caniard as their new President for the next six years. Mutualité Française is a federation of mutual societies in France that has around 700 members who collectively have an annual turnover of EUR 19.1 billion and employ around 74,000 staff (based on 2008 figures). On top of this they cover 38 million people in France accounting for a massive 60% of the population. With such large membership nationwide the Mutualité Française is a key player in the French insurance market.

Mr Caniard is more than equipped to head up this substantial organisation having spent most of his career working...

Wednesday, 02 February 2011

ICMIF's regional association The Americas Association of Cooperatives/Mutual Insurance Societies (AAC/MIS) has changed its name to ICMIF/Americas. In the wake of this year’s Annual Conference held in Cartagena, Colombia, a proposal was made in consultation with the members to change the organisation’s name from the current title AAC/MIS. Following the suggestion the proposal was addressed later in the month at the AGM and the simplified name ICMIF/Americas was chosen as the final replacement.

Among the reasons for change was the intention of creating a greater alignment between ICMIF and the Americas regional association,...

Wednesday, 02 February 2011

The International Cooperative and Mutual Insurance Federation, ICMIF, has launched a brand new version of its web site designed in response to research on members’ communication needs, centred around a niche social networking platform and improved usability.

With a dedicated social networking element at the core of the new site, individuals from member organisations are able to connect to each other, creating their own groups of peers from around the world, as well as participate in discussions on topics of interest or concern.

The content and design of the site has also been improved, to allow members to find important and...

Thursday, 13 January 2011

New ICMIF supporting member Invesco have issued their ‘Annual Economic Outlook' for the coming year. One theme highlighted is the predicted split between the performance of the emerging economies and those in the West. While many western economies GDP will continue to grow slowly in the wake of recession, emerging economies in Asia and Latin America will continue to grow in line with previous years.

The western economies will be characterised by governments, businesses and households continuing the process of balance sheet repair while also reducing their levels of debt. This on the whole will see most western economies grow slowly...

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Desjardin's Group has been confirmed as the winner in ‘Canada's 10 most admired corporate cultures of 2010 program'. Chosen by the program's board of governors, who established it in 2005, Desjardins has again proven itself to be a top performer.

Monique Leroux, Chair of the Board, President and CEO of Desjardins explained that "At Desjardins, our culture is particularly one of participation and democracy, which are characteristic of the governance style of our cooperative group, leadership in financial education and in sustainable development, support for gender equity, and people's community involvement. All of these activities...

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

This dedicated web site contains in-depth information about the 2011 ICMIF Biennial Conference - to be held in Tokyo, Japan, October 26-28 - including:

Full online registration Video messages from Yoshinori Yokoi, President of the Board of the host organisation, Zenkyoren and Shaun Tarbuck, Chief Executive of ICMIF An overview of the conference objectives Full agenda and programme Information about the new added-value events taking place during the conference, as well as the organised tours and social events Details on the conference venue and hotel as well as in-depth information about Tokyo and the surrounding area

The site...