Achmea acquires digital platform Tiptrack to strengthen its position in the sustainable employer market

6 July 2022

Achmea aquires TipTrack

Netherlands-based ICMIF member Achmea and Algemene Werkgeversvereniging Nederland (AWVN – the largest employers’ association in the Netherland) have reached an agreement on the acquisition of Tiptrack BV by Achmea.

Tiptrack is a digital platform offered by employers to their employees encouraging them to learn and develop. With the acquisition, Achmea strengthens its position in the market of sustainable employability, an important theme in Achmea’s vision ‘Sustainable Living Together’. Tiptrack is an addition to the existing Achmea platforms Lekker Bezig (used by Achmea’s Centraal Beheer brand) and Gezond Ondernemen (used by Zilveren Kruis).

What is Tiptrack?

AWVN developed Tiptrack in 2016 as an interactive online tool for workers and employers. The tool is built on the five pillars of sustainable employability: work, development, health, money matters and work-life balance. Tiptrack enables workers to take control of their own sustainable employability and thus, their own careers. Currently, more than 90,000 employees use Tiptrack, which is offered through 50 employers.

The importance of investing in all facets of sustainable employability is evident and is an important part of all conversations between employers and employees. This is reflected, for example, in budgets that are laid down in collective agreements. In addition, the central government makes subsidies available, such as STAP (Stimulation of the Labour Market Position) and MDIEU (a tailor-made scheme for sustainable employability and early retirement).

Good starting position for Achmea

Lidwien Suur, member of the Executive Board of Achmea, is pleased with the acquisition and the new customers: “Achmea has a long tradition of assisting business customers with products and services related to care, health and vitality (via Zilveren Kruis), employment conditions, absenteeism, disability and income (via Centraal Beheer). The market for sustainable employability is in full swing and offers growth opportunities. This acquisition strengthens our base and gives us the opportunity to further support customers – including those of Tiptrack – and prospects in good employment practices and sustainable employability. Thanks to our knowledge and experience in the field of employer and employee propositions and our expertise in data & digital, we are extremely well positioned to make a difference here as well.”

Tiptrack is ready for the next phase

For AWVN, the transfer of Tiptrack is a logical step. Managing Director Raymond Puts stated “With Tiptrack, we as an employers’ association have contributed to solving a problem on the labour market: the fact that workers are struggling with questions such as ‘which training do I want to follow?’ and ‘which career step should I take?’. This problem affects workers, employers and the government. Now Tiptrack is ready for the next phase of development. And we would like to leave that to a party that has proven to be very good at it.”


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