Achmea publishes Climate Transition Plan

20 December 2022


Climate change is an important issue with major social, economic and financial challenges. Seeing the consequences of climate change all over the world, ICMIF member Achmea has today published its “Climate Transition Plan”.

National and global climate goals require a huge transition. Together with other organisations and companies, governments and customers, Achmea is committed to combating further climate change. Based on the company’s vision ‘Sustainable living, together’, Achmea wants to create sustainable value for its customers, employees, the company and society. This also means that it takes responsibility to contribute to the transition to a sustainable economy and the realisation of the global climate goals.

Climate commitment and own goals

Achmea, together with other financial institutions, has committed itself through the Climate Commitment of the Financial Sector (Klimaatcommitment Financiële Sector) to the climate goals from the Dutch Climate Agreement. Achmea is aware of the important role financial institutions play in the transition to a carbon-neutral society.

As a company, insurer, investor and financier, Achmea has set the bar high for itself through the following targets.

A climate-neutral:

  • business operations by 2030;
  • real estate portfolio and mortgage portfolio in 2050;
  • investment portfolio in 2040 (equities and corporate bonds);
  • investment portfolio by 2050 (other relevant asset classes);
  • insurance portfolio by 2050 at the latest.

Achmea’s Climate Transition Plan describes the actions Achmea is taking to achieve these goals. The Plan can be downloaded via this link (in Dutch).

Continuously adapting to new developments and insights

New climate insights, legislation, data and measurement methods are developing rapidly and constantly emerging. This also gives rise to new insights that may result in Achmea having to adjust its goals and plans in the interim. The company will therefore update this plan annually.

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