Achmea takes the next step towards climate-neutral business operations

19 July 2021

Apeldoorn - Namens Achmea zal Wim Janssens, groepsdirecteur Centrale Dienstverlening bij Achmea het Paris Proof Commitment ondertekenen. Namens DGBC zal Annemarie van Doorn, directeur DGBC, tekenen. - Kernboodschap:Achmea wil bijdragen aan een gezonde, veilige en toekomstbestendige samenleving. Vanuit die ambitie is duurzaamheid een strategisch speerpunt. Naast de stappen die Achmea zet om haar diensten, verzekeringen en beleggingen te verduurzamen, streven we in 2030 naar een duurzame, klimaatneutrale bedrijfsvoering. Voor het gebouw in Apeldoorn willen we dat doel zelfs in 2025 al halen. Om die ambitie te onderstrepen ondertekenen we vandaag het Paris Proof Commitment. Foto Rob Voss -

Dutch ICMIF member Achmea is working towards climate-neutral business operations by 2030 and part of the cooperative insurer’s efforts will be making the office buildings energy-neutral. To underline this ambition, Achmea has signed the Dutch Green Building Council’s Paris Proof Commitment. With this commitment, Achmea will ensure that all existing and new buildings in its own use (own real estate) will be Paris Proof by 2040. Achmea says it is also committed to ensuring that the buildings over which it has influence (rental properties) are also Paris Proof by 2040. Paris Proof is the name for a building that meets the Paris climate targets.

Achmea says it wants to contribute to a healthy, safe and future-proof society. From this ambition, sustainability is a strategic spearhead for the organisation. Henk Timmer, who has responsibility for sustainability within Achmea’s Executive Board: “In addition to the steps we are taking to make our services, insurance and investments more sustainable, we aim for sustainable, climate-neutral business operations by 2030. To underline that ambition, we have signed the Paris Proof Commitment. The next big concrete step is to have our location in Apeldoorn (over 60,000 m2) energy neutral by 2025.”

Solar panels and geothermal heat already applied

In recent years, Achmea has already taken various measures to make its office buildings more sustainable. For example, 3,200 solar panels were put into use in Apeldoorn (pictured) last year and geothermal energy was chosen for the Leeuwarden office. A green roof has been installed at the Tilburg office. In addition, Achmea also promotes biodiversity at the locations by, for example, constructing natural ponds.

Measures taken to make the office in Apeldoorn energy neutral are aimed at reducing energy consumption as well as generating and using sustainable energy. This includes installing even more solar panels and maximising energy consumption through LED lighting and heating systems. The project will start soon and be achieved in phases and should be completed around 2025.

Climate neutral business operations in 2030

Achmea has an ambitious sustainability plan that should lead to climate-neutral business operations by 2030. Achmea actively participates in local and regional networks and looks for innovative opportunities together with suppliers. Apeldoorn is one of Achmea’s six office locations in the Netherlands. There are also plans for the other locations to further accelerate sustainability. In addition to making business operations more sustainable, Achmea also helps customers with sustainability. Various products and services for our customers contribute to this, such as the green roofs from the Interpolis brand and the solar panels and home insulation from Centraal Beheer. Achmea also contributes to sustainability with its investments.

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