Aéma Groupe reinforces its climate strategy through new environmental commitments

11 November 2022

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French ICMIF member the Aéma Groupe announced last month that it has officially joined the UN-convened Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance (NZAOA); the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge (FFBP) initiative; and the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI). These new commitments will help the Aéma Groupe reinforce its climate strategy through these strong and ambitious environmental commitments and the mutual says it will continue to embed actions across the group to support these transitions.

By signing up to these commitments, Aéma Groupe is taking a new step in its responsible investment policy and is advancing its strategy of carbon neutrality by 2050.

After having considerably strengthened its oil and gas exclusion strategy via the Macif, Aésio Mutuelle and Abeille Assurances brands, Aéma Groupe announced in September, the creation of Ofi Invest, a natural continuation of its mutualist commitments transposed to asset management. Ofi Invest is a leading player in socially responsible investment (SRI) and the 5th largest asset management group in France.

Now, in order to pursue and concretise its commitments aimed at combining economic performance with social and environmental responsibility, Aéma Groupe has chosen to join the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance; the Finance For Biodiversity Pledge; and the Principles for Responsible Investment.

These three memberships cover the main levers to act concretely and collectively in favour of fair and sustainable transitions.

Joining the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance

Aéma Groupe says it has joined the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance to pursue the group’s commitment as a responsible investor and as part of its commitment to defining a strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.

Joining the Finance for Biodiversity Pledge

Aéma Groupe has adopted a binding and accountable methodology to protect and restore biodiversity and a strong commitment to ensure a robust, readable and verifiable biodiversity policy in its investments.

Adherence to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): for an impactful ESG policy, synonymous with social and environmental utility

Aéma Groupe says adherence to the PRI is an illustration of its desire for transparency in order to make the integration of Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) issues in the decision-making processes relating to its investments visible.

Thus, Aéma Groupe commits to:

  • Be an active shareholder integrating ESG issues in its shareholding policies;
  • Seek dialogue on ESG issues with the entities in which Aéma invests and promote the PRI to them.

Aéma Groupe will soon celebrate its second anniversary and the mutual company is already recognised for its actions and involvement in the major issues facing our society, embodying a sustainable and responsible business model. Examples of how the various companies that make up Aéma Groupe are proof of this:

Macif and Abeille Assurances are among the top six French players identified by the NGO Reclaim Finance as “having a robust policy to fight against all oil and gas expansion” out of the 53 largest French financial institutions which were analysed (eg banks, insurers and investors). Macif also announced in July 2022 that it was accelerating its energy transition and pursuing its decarbonisation strategy with EUR 11 billion in green investments. Abeille Assurances, continuing its commitment to the environment, is already steering the carbon footprint of its investment portfolio towards a net zero trajectory.

Ofi Invest is made up of pioneering brands in extra-financial analysis and in measuring the impact of investments on the environment and society and it offers a wide choice of funds classified as “Article 8” and “Article 9” by the SFDR regulations and labelled funds. Among them, Ofi Asset Management, which has just announced the strengthening of its immediate exclusion measures, thus becoming the 13th French investor to sanction oil and gas expansion and is among the first asset managers to use its bond power so clearly to fight against oil and gas expansion.

In 2021, Aésio Mutuelle has strengthened its social and regional impact through several financial commitments (over EUR 21 million) in unlisted investments: investments particularly focused on regional investment; and themes related to health, renewable energies or associations.

By conducting a committed investment policy (nearly EUR 200 billion) in favour of environmental and social transitions, Aéma Groupe is using all the levers at its disposal to encourage responsible initiatives and to continue to carry its mutualist values and its actions to society loud and clear.


Aéma Groupe is the mutual insurance group which came about from the merger of the MACIF and Aésio groups. Following the acquisition of Abeille Assurances (formerly Aviva France) in 2021, Aéma Groupe became the fifth-largest insurance company in France. With more than 11 million policyholders, the group has more than 18,000 employees, 1,800 elected representatives and generates more than EUR 11 billion in revenue in France.

The creation of Ofi Invest in September 2022 made the group the 5th largest French asset management company. A leading multi-business, multi-brand mutual insurance group, Aéma Groupe imagines every day the contours of a fairer and more human world by placing prevention at the heart of its relationship with its member-policyholders and corporate clients.

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