Alejandro Simón of Grupo Sancor Seguros to co-chair the G20 Insurance Forum Executive Committee

3 August 2018


The Argentinian Minister of Finance, Nicolás Dujovne, has presented the Executive Committee that will preside over the G20 Insurance Forum 2018. The Insurance Forum an encounter that will be held within the framework of the G20 on 25-26 September in San Carlos de Bariloche, Patagonia (Argentina). The Forum’s Executive Committee will be chaired by Adrián Werthein, shareholder of Experta ART, who will be accompanied by four Co-Chairman, one of which is Alejandro Simón (pictured), CEO of ICMIF member Sancor Seguros in Argentina. The other three Co-Chairman are José Cardoso, president of IRB (Brazilian Reinsurance Institute); Recaredo Arias, president of GFIA (Global Federation of Insurance Associations) and Toyonari Sasaki, Vice Chairman of the Association of Life Insurers of Japan.

For the first time, the principal leaders of the insurance sector worldwide will meet at the G20 Insurance Forum, an event specifically focusing on insurance as part of the G20 presidency in Argentina this year. The event is being promoted by the Argentinian Ministry of Finance and organized by the National Insurance Superintendence. The aim of the Forum is to agree and design public policies.

The priorities that the Argentine presidency chose for the 2018 G20 are the Future of Work, the Infrastructure for Development and a Sustainable Food Future, axes that, according to the Executive Committee of the 2018 G20 Insurance Forum “are directly linked to the insurance industry, which increases the importance of this forum.”

During the two days of work, the Insurance Forum 2018 will focus on the following themes: Promotion of long-term investment in infrastructure; Building resilient economies; Insurance 2.0: in the face of digital disruption and the Globalization of insurance.

Adrián Werthein, Chairman of the Insurance Forum 2018, said: “For the insurance sector this meeting is a historic event, since it will have its own space for dialogue, from which the conclusions will emerge, which will then be raised as pragmatic recommendations to the agenda of the G20 presidents, and it is an opportunity to show the importance of the insurance industry, with the capacity to develop solutions and as a catalyst of financial resources for governments and companies.”

Juan Pazo, Argentinian Superintendent of Insurance of the Nation, said: “the insurance sector is a key player and can provide solutions to many of the global challenges, not only through the development of innovative products but also by their ability to become a vehicle for directing resources towards common objectives “.

Speaking about the G20 Insurance Forum, Shaun Tarbuck, Chief Executive, ICMIF said: “Here at ICMIF we strongly believe in the role of insurance to face global challenges, and we have high hopes that this initiative will be a historical milestone for insurance supervision, legislation and the insurance industry.  Discussions related to sustainable development, barriers for long-term investment in infrastructure, technological innovation, and financial stability, cannot be fully addressed without the voice of the insurance sector. The industry is a key stakeholder for addressing many challenges, not only through the development of innovative products to improve economic resilience, but also as a catalyst for resources towards common goals.”  

“The overall objective is to present the G20 leaders with the role of insurers as solution providers to some of the most pressing problems facing the world today.  We will illustrate the important role of insurance by showing concrete ways how the insurance industry can provide solutions based on sound insurance principles,” Tarbuck concluded. 

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