Caisse Mutuelle Laïque vows to stand by members’ side through thick and thin during pandemic

27 April 2020


Caisse Mutuelle Laïque (CML, Lebanon) is working to ensure that its members turn to them for both insurance cover and practical support during the COVID-19 pandemic. CML’s members have 24/7 access to telephone consultations with a family doctor via the CML helpline. The mutual is also communicating clearly on its website about the coverage that it provides for COVID-19, including testing and medical costs of members who contract COVID-19 while undergoing other treatment.

CML is also trying to ensure that all age groups get the information they need: two separate PDFs – one for adults and one for children – explain what COVID-19 is, and how to combat its spread. It is offering advice via social media, with three short videos on its Facebook page, which feature a doctor explaining in clear, practical terms what COVID-19 is, how to prevent its spread, and how to combat stress during the pandemic.

In a video for members on the organisation’s website and Facebook pages, CML Chairman, Joseph Akiki says he believes that CML is a community with one mutual priority: members’ safety and health and that the organisation is coping with these difficult circumstances by adapting services as best as possible.

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