Dina Försäkringar extends home insurance protection to Ukrainian refugees and provides salary supplements to employees who receive refugees

29 March 2022

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Swedish ICMIF member Dina Försäkringar has announced that Ukrainian refugees who are taken in by members of the mutual that have home insurance with Dina Försäkringar will have the same insurance cover. This applies to all refugees who come to Sweden, regardless of which country they flee from. No special registration is required and it costs no extra.

Many people are currently fleeing Ukraine and many people in Sweden have offered refugees a roof over their heads. For both those who open their homes and those who live there temporarily to feel safe, Dina Försäkringar’s home insurance also now applies to resident refugees. This means that they have the same insurance cover as people who have home insurance, ie property, travel, liability, assault and legal protection. This applies without a time limit, without extra cost and no special notification needs to be made either.

Dina Försäkringar has also announced that it will give its employees who receive refugees in their homes a salary supplement of SEK 4,000. This is an initiative that Gunilla Svensson, CEO of Dina Försäkring AB, and all CEOs of the Dina Group hope will inspire other companies to follow.

In an article published by VA Insights, Gunilla Svensson says that they learned a lot from the Syria crisis regarding the need for commitment from citizens and that the pandemic has strengthened the need as a company to contribute in a broader way to the strength and power of civil society.

“It is in Dina’s DNA to get involved in her surroundings and immediate area. The Ukraine war and the huge influx of refugees that is coming affects us all and everywhere. We want to contribute and encourage those who open their homes and offer space,” Gunilla Svensson said.

The salary supplement of SEK 4,000 that Dina gives to the employees who receive refugees is not pensionable or holiday-based and will be taxed on benefits. In addition, everyone who works with Dina Försäkringar has the opportunity to do volunteer work on paid working hours.

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